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Every group has their Pete Best, for Rush it was John Rutsey. Rutsey with guitarist Alex Lifeson and bassist Jeff Jones formed the Canadian soon-to-be power trio in the late 1960s. Jones was soon replaced by Lifeson's friend Geddy Lee.

Legend has it, Rutsey's brother came up with the group's name because he always thought they acted like they were “In a rush”.

Rutsey performed with the group and eventually recorded with the group of their self-titled debut in 1973, but was forced to leave because of his diabetes which prevented him from taking extended concert tours with Alex and Geddy. Neil Peart replaced him in July 1974 and the rest is history. Rutsey gave up drumming and took up body building for a while and made occasional contact with his ex-band mates up until about the early 1990s. Rutsey died on May 11, 2008 from a heart attack caused by complications from his diabetes.

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