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Canadian Politician and former Tory Prime Minister from 5 December 1892 - 12 December 1894

Sir John Sparrow David Thompson was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1845. As Sir John A. Macdonald grew older, he began relying on Thompson for much of the business of government. To the surprise of many, upon Macdonald's death in 1891, Thompson declined the role of Prime Minister (because he had converted to Catholicism to marry, and some considered him a "degenerate" for that!) and passed it on instead to Sir John J. C. Abbott. While Abbott ineffectually acted as Prime Minister from the Senate, Thompson led the government from the House of Commons. Upon Abbott's forced resignation, Thompson became Prime Minister, based on his competent leadership in the House of Commons.

Thompson was responsible for developing Canada's Criminal Code (1892). He also supported giving women the right to vote; however, he died in office in 1894 (while visiting Windsor Castle) and was succeeded by Sir Mackenzie Bowell.

Previous Prime Minister : Sir John J. C. Abbott (1892)
Next Prime Minister: Sir Mackenzie Bowell (1894)

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