Johnny Bravo is the star of the Cartoon Network show of the same name. He is a big guy who is rather attractive but has a serious problem: He can't help being a jerk. No matter how hard he tries, he manages to offend every woman he comes across. The one time he DID find a date, it was with a deer! Johnny just has no luck whatsoever. I feel sympathy for him.

Johnny Bravo is part of the Cartoon-Cartoon series of 'toons from Cartoon Network, and is actually quite good. It ranks right up there with Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls.

It also should be noted that Johnny Bravo loves his Momma.

I never saw Johnny as a jerk, but rather a general idiot. As with many cartoon characters, Bravo's low level of intelligence allows the audience to delight in his buffoonery.

Man he's pretty! C'mon everybody, do the Monkey with me!

Johnny Bravo was the short-lived Rock God persona of The Brady Bunch's Greg Brady. In a fifth season episode called "Adios, Johnny Bravo", the irrepressible Brady kids, emboldened by their third place win in the Pete Sterne Amateur Hour, try out their musical act for another such amateur musical competition. Holy fuck can you believe they lose this one too? But in the audience, watching intently Greg Brady and his uniquely dimensioned torso, is musical agent Tami Cutler.

Cutler wants to sign Greg. Greg at first assumes she wants to sign the entire bunch. But no, she just wants Greg. She keeps mysterious, subtly trying to measure the width of his shoulders and the circumference of his chest. He's to be the new teen singing sensation "Johnny Bravo" and would he mind too much not only cutting his siblings (half of whom aren't even blood relations) out of fame and fortune but would he mind terribly wearing this totally faggy matador jacket? Just put on the suit. Come on. Just put it on.

Greg manages to over come several moral dilemmas, including cutting his siblings (half of whom aren't even blood relations) out of fame and fortune, being a corporate rock whore, and worst of all not attending college.

The one ethical dilemma Greg can't over come, however, is he notices none of his singing is actually used on the final product. He's on the album cover, in that totally faggy matador jacket, but his voice has been dubbed by someone who sounds a lot like the guy who dubbed over Mel Gibson in the American release of Mad Max.

What the fuck?

Greg does a little digging and discovers Tami Cutler did not want him because of his actual singing talent. As it turns out, he fit the suit. Greg was the only one who could fit into Johnny Bravo's expensive, faggy matador jacket. If she wanted someone in a smart looking Spanish jacket, could not the bitch have waited for Bo Derek's singing career to have taken flight? Did she have to divide House Brady? The music industry is nothing but a heartless all consuming maw that eats up earnest, eager nineteen-year olds and then spits out their marrow-free bones. It's yet another argument why MP3 trading is ethical.

Greg gives Tami the kiss off saying "Adios, Johnny Bravo."

If any lessons were learned from Sean Connery beyond you should never go on TV and claim women sometimes need to be hit, you should simply never say never. Barry Williams, the actor who portrayed Greg Brady, reprised his role as Johnny Bravo some thirty years later. In time with the 30th anniversary of The Brady Bunch, in the fall of 1999 Williams released a Golden Throats-esque CD called "The Return of Johnny Bravo". The CD featured twelve songs. Most were covers you always dreamed of getting the Johnny Bravo treatment like Huey Lewis's "Hip to Be Square" and Queen's "We are the Champions". But for those clamoring for the consummate Barry Williams as the consummate Johnny Bravo, the CD tossed Bravo fans an original tune called "Johnny's Back".

The phrase and concept behind "he fit the suit" entered the popular lexicon to explain why some people are in jobs despite a lack of talent or qualifications. "Why did Bill get promoted to Product Manager? He can't manage dick." "He fit the suit, I guess."

Another line from "Adios, Johnny Bravo" was inspiration for John Lydon's Sex Pistol stage name of Johnny Rotten. Greg, waxing philosophically about the fleeting and sometimes unreal nature of fame, states:
I thought I could change my name and my personality and become some big flashy rock star, but I was just kidding myself. Let's face it, Johnny Bravo's nothing but Johnny Rotten.
Cool beans, hey?

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