A late 1960's Japanese Televison show which also aired in 1969 in America. This show featured a young boy Johnny Socko who could summon his friend, the flying robot, with a device he carried with him.

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Johnny Sokko was based on a popular manga (that's Japanese for comic book) called Giant Robo. The show followed the adventures of young Johnny, who after gaining control of a giant flying robot, is recruited by the Japanese super-spy agency UNICORN to help defend Earth againest an invasion from the planet Gargoyle. The Gargoylians are led by the evil squid-headed Emperor Guillotine. Among Guillotine's chief henchmen are the silver skinned Dr. Botanus, The Executionor, Harlequin, and Spider. The Gargoyle troops look like kind of a combination of Nazis and Beatniks in drab gray uniforms with cool Ray-Ban glasses and sporty black berets with skull symbols. The Gargoyles deploy a variety of Godzilla-type monsters to fight Giant Robot. Another highlight is that the series actually has a finale where the Emperor transforms himself into the most powerful giant monster of all. Knowing that there is no way to destroy Guillotine, Giant Robot grabs him and flys them both into the path of a meteor, saving the earth

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