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Address: 56 rue St. George, Lyon, 690009

An Irish pub in Lyon, France.

The best place to get yourself to if you are an anglophone or even if you just enjoy live music, drink and good company and happen to find yourself in Lyon.

The music is played by different people on different nights and varies a lot, but its always good, especially over the weekend.
The drink is reasonably priced for Lyon, cheaper than most places around town. Note here the cheap tequila slammers, only 10FFR a shot and you can buy them in by the rack-load if you want to be sociable
The company you will find yourself in is usually amiable and you won't spend too long in there alone without meeting someone you can chat to or sing along to the music with
The barstaff (usually Irish in origin) are friendly as well and always willing to have a laugh.

If you can get yourself down there on a Friday or Saturday night and you'll find a packed crowd singing, dancing and drinking. A great night out that lasts til the wee hours

Disclaimer: I have a tab there thats as long as the dead sea scrolls that I am currently paying off. But the writeup is still true, otherwise I wouldn't have taken the time to build up the tab, now would I?

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