Jon Arbuckle owns Garfield and Odie in the comic strip Garfield.

Jon used to be a cartoonist, but since 1979 or so, his profession has been largely ignored. Perhaps Jim Davis realized that no cartoonist could possibly make enough money to feed Garfield.

Jon is an old-time country boy, and often heads back to visit his family on the farm. Garfield hates these trips, but Jon enjoys visiting with his mother, father, grandma, and his loving younger brother, Doc Boy.

Jon, being the only human in the house (once Lyman left and failed to take Odie with him), is a frequent target of Garfield's wit, acerbity, and practical jokes.

Jon almost makes it too easy for the fat cat sometimes, as he's overall a socially inept, lonely, unlucky loser. His idea of a good time is sorting socks. He's got a good heart down deep, but the bad suits and worse pick-up lines don't do much for his image.

Jon's main object of affection is Garfield's veterinarian Liz. He tries to ask her out every time Garfield has an appointment, but to date (22 years) has only been successful twice. The first date even ended in a kiss!

Despite all that, Garfield does seem to care for his owner. He pretends it's just because Jon feeds him, but really, Garfield has a soft spot for a guy who tries as hard as Jon does -- no matter how many times he fails.

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