Jon Ingold is the author of several pieces of interactive fiction, including the epic The Mulldoon Legacy (1999; nominated for a number of Xyzzy awards) and its sequal The Mulldoon Murders (2002); the old-school Break-In (1999); the haunting My Angel (2000; nominated for several Xyzzy awards); the short sf-ish Fail-Safe (2000; nominated for "Best Individual NPC"); and the unusual time-travel story All Roads (2001; winner of several Xyzzy awards as well as of the 2001 IF Competition).

Related Sites:

  • Ingold's homepage is located at Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, he hasn't updated the interactive fiction section in some time.
  • His entry at "Baf's Guide to the IF Archive" is located here - - and provides a complete listing of all of his games.

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