These are excellent apples. They have slightly thick, crisp skins with color that varies (yellow and scarlet). They are sweet and tart, and nice and large. They are only available for a short time in the autumn.

They are often compared to Macintosh apples, but Jonagold are bigger, sweeter, and quite a bit heartier. They’re wonderful for cooking because their flesh is so flavorful and is slower to oxidize than many other apples.

Their biggest problem is they can get mealy when overripe, and their skins can become greasy.

They should appear in the autumn months, for a short time. Though there are reports that they can last in cold storage for 3 months or more, they are difficult to find most of the time. If you do see them, I do recommend these apples over any other. They are very versatile and tasty.. perfect for snackin’.

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