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Weird little band out of suburban Maryland, I caught their first paid gig at the 9:30 club in Washington D. C. eons ago, when they were still in high school. They moved on to New York, New York, and had their major label debut on a DreamWorks record--Wolf Songs for Lambs in 1997. They put out one other e.p. --Tremble Under Boomlights on the MEDICINE LABEL, the reason that DreamWorks signed them.

They play edgily melodic power pop, with great hooks. Cool, retro, damn good showmen, even as kids. Stones meets Iggy Pop and Oasis' love child. Unfortunately, the "major label debut" sunk like a stone and no one's heard anything from them since. Put them under the "If they ever show up again, I should check them out" file

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