Joseph Wood Hill Park is a park in Portland, Oregon, on the top of Rocky Butte. The park is well known to all Portlanders, although perhaps not by name, it is usually referred to simply as "the top of Rocky Butte".

I can't think of many cities in the United States that would have a natural feature that gives as great of a view as Rocky Butte does. It rises so sheerly above the surrounding city, that from the top, where the park itelf resides, it is possible to see 360 degrees around Portland for distances stretching from a dozen miles to over a hundred miles in some directions.

With this commanding view, the park itself doesn't have to try to hard. However, it has some interesting architectural features that make it even more interesting to visit. The park is 3 acres of hill on top of the butte, sheer rock walls that rise up to a level platform of ground with a single large navigation light in the middle. The supporting railings and staircases are done in something resembling gothic stonework.

A very important place to go to if you visit Portland!

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