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Joual is the Jargon language of the Québecois. After many years, the Québecois have developed a spoken French that is quite different from that of the other Francophone countries. The word "Joual" comes from "cheval" which is "horse" in French. I've no idea as to how that came to be synonymous to Jargon, but seeing as the early settlers in Québec were mostly farmers, it could be that this is a Jargon term they used.

There've been some schools in Québec that teach this form of French. This meaning that you may speak Joual, not know much about French (or maybe not at all) and become a Joual teacher. When I was in High School, although most of my French teachers taught the standard French in Québec, some also taught Joual. In addition, to the very different vocabulary Joual has, the pronunciation and accents are also dissimilar from the French from other francophone countries.

Some examples may be:

I noticed that Joual is listed as "Canadian French" in the Linguistics Metanode. Hmm, yes it is Canadian French, but having lived almost everywhere in Canada, I've found that the rest of Canada would much rather learn the France standard of French. I've taught some of my students Joual here and there for the sake of enlightenment and they seem to dislike it, perhaps for both difficulty and political reasons. YMMV.

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