Rock band fronted by Jules Shear. Commercially insignificant when they were together, this band's reputation has grown over the years. They released two albums before their record label, Columbia Records, released them. They recorded a third album, but Columbia never released it. It finally saw the light of day in 1996.

It's difficult to categorize or find apt comparisons for Jules & the Polar Bears. They were a tight fast-paced rock band with strong lyrical content. The Polar Bears were a little too close to guitar rock to cash in on New-Wave, and Shear's lyrics were too intellectual for mainstream pop music.

Shear went on to a long solo career and Hague became a noted producer.

Band Members:

Jules Shear -- guitar, lead vocals
Stephen Hague -- keyboards
Richard Bredice -- guitar
David White -- bass
David Beebe -- drums
Got No Breeding - 1978
Phonetics - 1979
Bad For Business - 1996

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