Julia Cafritz was best known for her work with the seminal New York/D.C. Noise-Punk band Pussy Galore. She and university chum Jon Spencer formed the band in 1985, and then managed to involve a number of other semi-infamous musicians in the process. Most notably, drummer Bob Bert, whom they stole from Sonic Youth. She left Pussy Galore in 1989 before the completion of what would turn out to be their final album, the PMRC friendly album "Dial 'M' for Motherfucker". After Pussy Galore, she carried on with other projects, such as the Action Swingers, Velvet Monkey (both with Don Fleming) and indie-rock super group Free Kitten, composed of Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth), Mark Ibold (formerly of Pavement) and Yoshimi (of the Boredoms and OOIOO). Free Kitten has released two Full Length albums: Nice Ass (1995) and Sentimental Education (1997), as well as a plethora of seven inches. Recently Free Kitten has gone on hiatus to allow the members time to pursue other projects.

Beyond that, Julia has been rumored to be teaching somewhere in NYC, and recently gave birth to a baby, Alice.

Information gathered from All Music Guide, and Smells Like Records.

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