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I escaped from the summer camp yesterday. I could no longer tolerate it running during the winter and what was happening to those kids.

Country doctors approached me with their concerns, but I brushed them aside. I just need to get out of the woods of deep, deep, deep northern Maine and put my diaphragm back in. I mean that in every sense of the word. Ibid. I would like to both have children on a planned schedule and to be able to continue breathing. Ibid x2.

I had gotten close to a real, physical town, when I was set upon by the MEI (Meat Eating Individualists). These are people who have dedicated their entire lives to eradicating vegans from the human populations. So far, they have wiped out forty-one percent. Be careful out there. The MEI are so serious folks and they are armed and always carry a side of beef. You eat the whole thing or... well, you best eat the whole thing no matter what your beliefs. These are good men. Well meaning.

There have long been rumors that there is a secret lodge belonging to the MEI up in these parts. I was now being taken directly inside the lodge by the MEI agents who took control of my personage in the woods. It existed! There was now proof. My vagina (linked in case you have no fucking idea what that is for some fucking reason that I cannot for the life of me fathom) was cold and clammy.

"What are you doing here? Are you vegan?"

"No, my moral compass functions better than that. I am trying to escape from a camp where I participated willingly in the killing of children and will gladly do so again if I have no other option."

"I see. A camp, you say?"

"Yes, a morally bankrupt camp where all of the Lord Our God's Holy Laws are broken on an hourly basis."


"I agree."

"Bark candy?"

"Sure, pass that bag over here."

We talked for a while and then I left the camp. They felt comfortable in believing that I was no threat to them or to their most holy of purposes. I moved further down the dirt road that the lodge was on until I was well outside of the visual range of the lodge and I uririnated in the woods. Then I continued my journey south.

Today, I came across an old house that appears to not have been occupied for decades. There are no other structures in the area. I went inside. I found a quantity of cheese on the dining room table.

I ate the cheese.

More updates will be given on my escape when possible.

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