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So, there I was, noodling around in the catbox instead of working again (as usual), and listening to Halspal flap his gums into the catbox made me think of something: E2 needs a radio station.

E2R: Music You've Never Heard Of

I have the technology and software. I'm sure I could even find someone possessing a sexy voice to announce the station name and such in intervals. If we advertise it around on a bunch of forums, we might even pull in a few more members.

However, a radio station does not fulfil its purpose without listeners to hear it. Depending on the initial response, I may run the station for a week or two intermittently while I get a dedicated box up and running. If there is no interest at all, however, it's not really worth the time, now is it?

I'd like the station to feature anything and run 24 hours a day. No genre limitations, no contests, no news (unless there's an interest) and almost all user-generated playlists. My goal is to have something on the station that you've never heard of and liked, once every twenty four or even twelve hour period.

Initially, I will probably run the station for six or eight hours at a time, two or three times a day. If I can build up a large enough playlist, I will let it run longer. Please, let me know if you are interested! I will run it for a week, guaranteed, but, like every other radio station, two people does not an audience make.

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