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I found another civilization in my computer-simulated universe today. Curious bunch of folks they are, on that tiny planet circling round that star. It doesn't look like they've established themselves on any other planets yet - still stuck on that one watery world. They don't even live in their oceans, with all that extra space in there - instead choosing to crowd around their coastal land areas. A bunch of slackers, it appears.

I haven't deciphered their language yet. They do appear to communicate quite a lot. It seems their language changes drastically from one location to another. Could it be these creatures are not able to communicate with every member of their species? I wonder how they manage to share a planet with that state of affairs.

Other species on the planet do not appear to have developed any civilization on par with this one. Any species the dominant one isn't using seems to be either ignored or destroyed.

They do seem to have mastered a good deal of tool making, getting in and out of their vehicles, going here and there, wandering around inside their buildings or just sitting in one place for quite a long period of time relative to their life-spans.

I tried to play around with some of them for a while, making them see and hear things they normally didn't. For a while, I wanted to make it appear as if another civilization had found them, to see how individuals would react. It wasn't very interesting. They would just run around and attempt some sort of communication with others, but nothing much came out of it in the end.

I got bored and moved on to bigger stuff. I found that by altering the temperature and moisture conditions in the warmer zones of their planet, I could set off large (well, large compared to them anyway) storms and send them flying off to their coastal areas. It was quite interesting to see them scurrying away.

I tried doing some sudden shifts in the rocky layer of their planet under their large cities. It would cause large numbers of their buildings to fall down. Not very good at building structures, it seems.

They're not very good at treating their injured either. Large numbers of them stopped moving after I finished playing with them. It was a little boring. I changed courses and for a while made changes that stopped storms and other disasters from befalling them, hoping to see more accomplishments out of them. They didn't seem to notice much.

I'm probably not going to have much to do with these folks after today. They're just not as interesting as some of the civilizations in other parts of my universe. Maybe I'll check back with them from time to time, just to see how they're doing, but that's about it.

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA, 12:30 am

It's very strange. Normally, in Harvard Square on a Friday night, people would be milling around, talking, laughing, drinking, dancing, singing, watching the buskers, that sort of thing. But tonight, everybody's sitting down, under whatever streetlamp or other meager source of light they can find, quietly reading a book. Stranger still, it's the same book! Zero guesses which book it is (and no fair peeking at the softlinks)...

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