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This day hasn't started on the best foot, but possibly not the worst either. While I could do without the migraine'y feeling, the family dispute that is somehow settled in an awkward but reasonable fashion.. I guess, not everything is so terrible. I've been kind of quick to anger lately, but only with certain people, and mostly due to lack of sleep. At least the sleep deprivation hasn't brought on depression, as it normally would. I can complain about things, but all in all, it's really not so bad..

In my mind, I know I should have been sleeping close to 5 hours ago, but I really didn't want to be in dreamland, still really don't. I didn't have the greatest experience with it last night, I'll probably dreamlog that at some point..

Sometimes I sit and listen to songs that remind me of hurt, some that make me hurt again. I wonder why I do this.. I think it keeps me humble. I think it makes my good times seem even better. I don't ever want to forget that I've hurt, but I would hope that I don't have to do it again. I've enough already, I think it could last me a life time.

Well.. I am really only a few hours into this daylog, so I think I'll leave it be for a while and add to it tomorrow when I've actually been through the day, just had some tumbling thought..

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09:20 BST

It's been confirmed that I am going to Amsterdam to set up equipment for a Broadcast Trade Show. I'll be there from the 4th to either the 8th or the 12th...

I'm having management pressure put on me because our ClearCase NT server keeps crashing. The sysadmin guy who is responsible for the hardware is quibbling about definition of responsibility (He doesn't want the hassle of phoning Dell to get it fixed) I'm also being pressured to sort out 6 floating licenses of ClearQuest; we were sold ClearCase by Rational, who promised that we would have full UCM functionality with what we purchased. It turns out we don't; we have to buy 6 new licenses at £1000 a pop. Unsurprisingly, we're disputing this and Rational is dragging it's feet sorting things out.

Mental Note: node something about not wanting to appear a cyberstalker when I'm nice to girls online...

14:30 BST

Well, I was wrong about ClearQuest. This bug tracking system costs £3000 per floating license! I really must look at bugzilla.

20:40 BST

She sent me Venus Fly Trap as thanks for being with her last week. The plant was left on my doorstep when I got home from the Supermarket. I haven't phoned her yet and I don't know if I want to.

Anonymous Phonecalls today: 1 (maybe they're losing interest?

mental note: never take any notice of dem bones again, it just leads to heartache - mine :)

Welp, I found out recently that I owe State Farm five grand. The interesting thing about this entire "owing a whole lot of money" thing is that I only make eleven thousand dollars a year; thus, I am naturally quite curious as to how they plan on getting half of that away from me.
Other than that my life is fairly static. I stare at these day log nodes and ponder my lack-of existence. It's not that I am depressed that my life is boring; because I am most certainly content (at least for the most part), it's just that it's so utterly bizarre how I remain concious with such little stimuli.
As a added bonus for breathing today a friend of mine loaned me five of his Doctor Who tapes and I had a little DW marathon earlier today with my neighbor.

Very exciting.
Today's morning sounded like a typical morning: the grinding sounds of the garbage truck, the brushes of wind from the passing cars, Howard Stern talking about his office pool of celebrity deaths... You can't deny this being a typical Monday morning. However, today is also the first day of Summer classes for me in Brooklyn College. I'm taking a speech class learning what I would think to be corporate speak.

While I'm at it with the class and my usual job, some of my favorite actresses (Bebe Neuwirth, Sandy Duncan, Karen Ziemba, et al.) will be doing a reading of the play The Women for charity on behalf of The Actors' Fund of America. If it weren't for the fact that admission costs $250 (with a party), I could've been there.

14:32 EET

I called the company I ordered a Dreamcast from, to find out what was taking so damn long. The two employees in charge of orders were both in Barcelona (?) and the staff present was quite confused. They promised to investigate further, but 15 minutes later I walked to the local gaming store and bought one for only 100FIM more.
Now I just feel a little bad about calling the first firm and canceling the order that caused one of the workers extra work investigating what went wrong. But those are the breaks. Get organized or lose customers!

I should probably cease complaining about my miniscule salary. Due to being 50% of the entire graphics "staff" in this small company, I'm getting lots of tiny work projects. They pay pretty good compared to larger jobs, when looking at the difficulty and the actual amount of work involved. My boss just joked that I'll soon be making three times as much as anyone else here. I used to curse the Internet becoming a thing for the masses, but now I'm sort of liking it. :)

00:23 EET

It's official: Dreamcast rules!
I'm totally hooked. Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure.. The games are really fun. Maybe I'm enjoying them as much because I haven't owned a console since CD32. The only complaint I can come up with is that the US games have the music replaced with total crap like Offspring. Yuck!

My little sister Riikka left today to spend a week with relatives on the countryside. I myself had a great time there on many summers when I was small, so I hope she'll enjoy it too. Right after my sis gets back, she's off to spend a week at a summer camp.
Ahh.. two weeks of peace.
*leans back on the chair to the point of almost falling down*
8:28 AM Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

Said goodbye to my grandparents last night, they'll be on an airplane back to Florida by the time I get home. Then I can plop in front of the television and watch all the shows I had to tape when they were here.

It feels good to hear, "Whoa! You've been working out!" whenever I meet someone I haven't seen in a couple of months.

I'm pretty close to beating Baldur's Gate...just a few more months and I'm sure to finish...

I wonder if my supervisor will give me a call today and give me an assignment? I doubt it.

So I did survive my return to McDonald's on Friday...very exciting. See RimRod Loses the McDonald's Curse for further details.

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sabre23t: Random Nodes

sabre23t: Nodes to node

Now that I am in for the evening, and have no will to go out again, I remember the thing I was going to do before I did all the stuff I just finished doing:
Visit the car wash.
I haven't been to a car wash in maybe 10 years. I vacuumed out my little black hatchback before the weekend, cleaned out the ashtray, washed all the windows with Formula 409 (cuts smoke film better than Windex), stocked the change tray with dimes and nickels for my $.50-a-day Parkway habit, even got the dried spilt coffee out of the cup holder - but no one would guess how spiffy my wheelz is by the exterior.
What I did: replace my cheap, bad tweezers with cheap good ones, bought new sheets (the hand-me-down pink sheets didn't cut it for me, I kept dreaming about finding the perfect little black dress on sale), had a calzone and a root beer at Scotto's, threw away perfectly good money on a couple of state lottery tickets, laundered bedding and whites.
My assistant did not cry at work today, making it a better day, in that way, than Friday. It wasn't my fault. I told her, I may seem like a soft-spoken nice guy but if anyone gives her flak again, send their sorry ass my way and I'll take 'em to school. That seemed to make her feel better.
Today was a day. Just a day. A waste of time. A waste of space.

I went and saw X-Men on Saturday night. It was pretty cool for a popcorn movie. Just don’t take it seriously, and you’ll enjoy it a lot. I saw it at Eastgate theater in Portland, which has the largest THX screen in the Portland area. Needless to say, it was kick ass on that screen.

I washed my car at my mom’s house and helped her move furniture. She is excited about the cable modem. I keep thinking about getting one, but then I think “not yet” since I want to save more money than I spend.

I also went to see an EAP counselor on Saturday afternoon. I think she’ll help me work through my anger issues about work. I’ve also become depressed again. I really don’t want to start taking a drug like Zoloft again, but I guess we’ll see. I just want to feel better and not hate being at work so much. I don’t think that will happen until I find another job. I’m seeing her next Saturday, and I might get a referral to a psychiatrist to get drugs. I’m not sure yet. It helped a lot last time, but that was last time. The St. John’s Wort appears to not be working anymore, but I also haven’t been this upset in a long time. And, since I just looked at the St. John’s Wort node, then a couple of other sites to confirm, I shouldn’t be taking it anyway since I’m on birth control pills.

I’d rather be depressed than pregnant.

On Sunday I went to Forest Grove with Alex for the antique car show. We got lost on the way there, and I was very good at not getting mad at him for taking highway 99 all the way to Newberg instead of highway 26 past Beaverton. He even said he expected me to get mad. I didn’t. We found a little highway between Newberg and Forest Grove and got pointed in the right direction. The car show was cool, even though I got overheated and had to take a time out in the shade for a while. Lots of really neat cars in awesome condition.

Nodes That I Wrote Today That I Like More Than The Others:
Nothing really. I’ve been filling in blanks on other nodes I’ve written, and polishing others. Right now I just want to get to level 4 so I can start cooling things. I don’t want to be noding for numbers, and I haven’t felt like I have been doing that really until today. I just add things I find interesting I guess.

CD’s I’ve Listened To Today:
The PosiesDear 23
HoleCelebrity Skin
Fiona Apple - When The Pawn...

I can’t classify my musical taste. I like it that way.

Things at work picked up for me today, but just a little. I still wish I had some sort of really interesting, intellectually stimulating project to work on. It's been way too long since I've been so engrossed in something I've been working on that I forget to go to lunch until 2pm.

I found out today that my boss has accepted a position elsewhere in the company. I wish her the best, but I'm still going to spend the next couple of weeks wondering what's going to happen to me now.

In other news, I just got a postcard in the mail from the famous Segnbora-t! It came at a most appropriate time, considering that today marks exactly two months since the first time I logged in to E2. Thanks, Segnbora-t!!

Another boring day spent mainly at work. Work went by quickly thankfully. After work I received a call from Ellen, my best friend. She forced me to join her in eating at Wendy's before we were off again for the night. Unfirtunately my mother had already begun cooking dinner, so I had to swallow down a plate of spaghetti in the approximately 2 minutes it took Ellen to get to my house. She always sits in the car and honks the horn if she calls first. I'm just supposed to be ready. I wasn't, obviously. I gulped my glass of milk and ran out. We shared a few updates on what was going on recently over my frosty and her chili and salad. Once again she knew one of the people there so they secretly asked if I was her boyfriend. Seeing as how 99% of my friends are female that tends to happen a lot. In high school people thought I was dating my cousin, only because they had no clue we were related. We're real close and love to see one another so everyone asked me who was that? after I ran into her in the halls. Her friends all did the same to her until I got to know them all. Senior year my buddy decided to use that as a cruel practical joke and began spreading a rumor that I was taking my cosuin as my date to the Senior Prom. Took me weeks to dispel that one, the rat bastard.

Afterwards I tutored for 2 hours again. I taught the kid all the material within the first week already so I just have to drill him on it (algebra) for the next two. He's got the idea, he's just sloppy with signs and things like that.

I bought myself a glass slide on Sunday for my guitar. I think I'll look up how to play slide on one of the many guitar sites...
I used to write in my journal every single day. In fact, I wrote so much that I filled a two inch binder my senior year of high school alone. For some reason I don't ever write anymore,. I think it's this damn email thing. It's ruining me. I was so excited on my birthday that I didn't even look at the computer until after midnight. I just didn't want to miss a single moment of my birthday. Yet now, here I am, sitting at the computer typing away. Why is it that I have to have an excuse to enjoy my day. Why don't I get up every day and think, no I don't want to log into the computer, I might miss something. My days are dull, but they are dull because I spend so much time inside. I need to go out and play!!

Remember the days of your youth? Your best friend, who only lived two houses down the street, would ring the doorbell and ask if you can come out and play. We ran home from the bus stop to drop off our bookbags. We dived into the pile of dirt in the backyard, digging holes and building mountains. Now if we want to see our bestfriends we have to pull out the calendars and schedule and rearrange and scrimp up airfare. We don't even have the energy to get out of the car let alone dig holes in the backyard.

Remember when the weekends were pure enjoyment. Friday night was filled with cheesy family TV shows, Saturday was for playing in the yard, our biggest worry was that dad would ask us to rake the yard, and Sundays were for sleeping...dad watched the ball game and I fell asleep listening to it. Sunday night was the end of the weekend but we knew the next one would be coming in just a few short days. Now the weekends are filled with all the errands we don't have time for during the week, time to squeeze a week's worth of fun into one night, Friday or Saturday, only one because we can't afford two free nights a week, we can barely afford the one.

But who says that we have to let all these things weigh us down? Who says all these things have to make us tired, boring old people? Not me! I will no longer let the mundane lead me to further boredom and vegitation! I will enjoy every day to it's fullest! I will go to sleep early tonight so that I can wake and enjoy the morning, I will enjoy my day! Dammit I will! And when I feel myself getting poopy I will say to myself, it's my birthday, who cares. It wont be my birthday again for another year, but I will pretend...cos every day should be as cool as your birthday!
I feel like I've been abandoning you by being gone so long. Probably just my ego-- I'm sure you have plenty to keep you from feeling abandoned by one lone everything-neuron. Anyway, I've been off helping build a very cool Slash site about transhumanism. As the first tiny step of many tiny steps in my grand plan to save the world through judicious use and promotion of technology. Btw, Saige is an amazing writer. Someday you'll all be proud to have shared the same node(shells) with her.

Well, now it's back to more weeks of invisibility. I'll miss you.
Not much today, as it has been. All except the fact that I probably won't eat at the Meijer in-store cafe again anytime soon. I ate something and got sick afterward for about an hour. Too bad the Wendy's down the street is always understaffed and a little slow, and the other fast food places are too far away for my half-hour lunch...

My folks got a new fridge today. I'm looking at it, and I ask "What was wrong with the old fridge?" The response was "Well, we didn't really NEED it, but your mom's wanted a fridge with these features (pointing to various things that the old fridge lacked)..." My quick reply? "And you complain when I go out and buy a new video card..."

Where the f*ck am I? was the first thought that entered my mind as I awoke this morning. What's this, I was sleeping in a bed? Ah yes, I am back home. Home sweet home. Or something.

I still feel disoriented and out of place. Strange, I suppose, considering I had only been out of town for three weeks. Those three weeks lasted both an eternity and a brief moment. Overall, I feel like I've reached out my hand towards something and barely touched the surface before it was yanked away abruptly. This is good, though, feeling at a loss. Last night as I fall asleep I couldn't even feel this loss. A deep sadness took over me without any other feeling accompanying it - which is unusual.

I'm unsure whether it was the whole being on the east coast (in Boston) for the first time thing and actually seeing what trees and weather is like, or that I have left behind an unfortunately very cool person in my life sort of thing. Either way, as I flew into San Diego I was in total amazement. What the hell, I live in the desert! What's that brown crap along the highway? Oh, it's a tree!

The good side of all this is that I missed my computer and my stereo.
I've been avoiding writing day logs these past couple of days. It would just all be sappy shite and I can't stand doing that.


But, to make a long story short, I've been spending a lot of time with this new girl, the developing relationship. It's FUN! I'm realizing how unhappy I was in my previous one.

You know things are good when she'll buy you ice cream and then beat you at chess.

I’m operating on four hours of sleep and I’m still going strong. I’m baffled. Sometimes when I get 6-7 hours I can be groggy and useless all day, so don’t ask me to explain why I’m not a zombie right now.

27, 000 hits. That’s how many hits our web magazine has gotten in less than a week. Not too shabby, since it’s only aimed at a local audience. It doesn’t seem quite real, though. Feedback has been low and I don’t get the sense that there’s really an audience out there. See, there’s always been a physical link between me and my audience before, a physical copy I could hold or I could see someone reading. Now, it’s all intangible, and it seems all the less real because of it. But the internet is the way to go: cheaper, easier, more flexible, and the potential to reach anyone in the world. I’m not going to give that up because I’m enamored of wood pulp.

I had been dreading this day at work for two weeks because of the horrific experience we had at the last orientation. We were understaffed and handling a huge turnout of rowdy freshmen and I yelled myself hoarse trying to get them to behave like good sheep. But my fears were unfounded today because it was remarkably easy. I think I even managed to talk a couple of people to filling some slots in my fall class.

The list of current job openings at Florida colleges showed up in my mailbox at work. It made me realize how imperative it is for me to get off my ass and finish my master’s degree and get a better job than this one (not that I don’t like it and all…). But will this really make me end my procrastinating ways and get back to my thesis? I can’t decide – ask me again later….
It was a late start day - I woke around 2 in the afternoon. Austen and Kira ended up surprising mearound seven - they had said they'd call, but ended up simply showing up. A quick shower and change later, I was running out the door. Apparently without notifying anyone I was going, but that wasn't something I'd have to deal with until tomorrow.

We were hungry, and so ended up at an Islands in downtown Glendale. Not quite my choice, but Kira'sa vegetarian and Austen didn't want Mexican food, so my dreams of a hot delicious sopa dripping with lettuce and carne were dashed on the rocks of adversity. We entered arguing about the difference between nutritious and healthy - they argued they were the same, while I claimed they were seperate. I think it was an issue of definitions - I was seeing nutritious as having nutrition period. God knows it's possible to be unhealthy without being nutritious, as the reports of doctors treating patients who were at once overweight and suffering from malnutrition. Thanks, junk food.

Sitting down became an exercise in choice. With Austen on one side of the table and Kira on the other, it was a zero-sum game. Someone's going to be slighted. But of course being me, I didn't realize this and just sat down in the closest one and got to realize that later from expressions on faces. Whoops.

The server took our order and returned to check - couldn't read his own handwriting. Kira lied and told him it was Austen's birthday, since they wanted the free cake that came and I refused to let them say it was my birthday. I hate having waiters sing. I'm not the only one - apparently, this is one of Kira's father's fears, remarkable since he doesn't bat an eye at doing political work in Chiapas. The food was decent, and I passed up the birthday cake. The waiter didn't sing, but Austen wouldn't have been embarassed anyways. We left the money on the table with the usual "We could sneak out of our bill so easily" feeling.

Without much time left we dropped by a small park in Silverlake. They had a swing set - an essential part of my life. We lay about, shooting the shit, pondering our futures, and enjoying the feel of grass and sand on bare foot. Few things make my hands feel more relaxed than making claws in sandboxes. Unfortunately, Austen had to go off to work the next morning - she's saving the Yiddish language, interning at some non-profit - so we decided to go once the park closed and a helicopter started buzzing us. We dropped her off with a hug and decided to go crash, since Kira was getting tired.

Back at home, Kira and I didn't want to sleep that much so we broke out the alcohol from its place of concealment. We turned on the TV and enjoyed the combination of vodka, Sobe and the Powerpuff Girls. It turns out Kira's a fan too, so we happily watched that. I found out that after my last overindulgence with alcohol my stomach had decided to argue any future consumption by threatening reverse peristalsis of the esophagus. Since throwing up sucks, I had my Sobe with a touch of vodka instead of the my usual reversed drink. Not an incredibly bad thing, since one hangover in my life is enough. Like a painful drunk that won't go away... how can people do that on a regular basis?

Unfortunately, the Powerpuff Girls doesn't last forever, so I stuck in a The Young Ones video instead. One of the best things to come out of the 80s, besides me of course. Kira was cracking up, and we agreed that Rik Mayer needed to die, or at least be beaten severly. Not even Vyvian could keep Kira awake forever, though she managed to hang in for about an hour longer than she thought possible.

Eventually, I crashed too, managing for once to sleep with someone else on a bed. Just another day in my life.

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