Lately I have not been spending as much time here as is my custom. Baby, it's not you, it's me.

In just over a month I will move to a city I have never visited and begin my Masters in Philosophy. At that time, my funding package and scholarship money will drop like manna from Heaven and I can spend less time perfecting frugality into a zen art.

In the meantime, I have been freakish busy.


  • I am learning modal logic, or at least as much of it as time and the smallish dimensions of my brain permit.
  • To counteract anything noodly and impressive about the above, I'm also working much too hard studying grade eight math for the GRE (a score I'll need in a year or so for PhD applications). Last month I learned how to long divide, hooray!
  • As well as finishing off the last credit of my undergraduate degree, I'm auditing a graduate seminar and making plans with a peer in the class to coauthor a paper on linguistic vagueness.
  • Soon I'll start putting together my SSHRC and OGS grant proposals (extra cash money, if I win one).
  • I'm working with people next year whose books I should probably read or something.


My vee is now some kind of mutant triad-vee fusion. I have no idea what we're doing but it's wonderful and everyone is happy. We are also getting really good at using Google Calendar.

 \         / *
  \       /   *
   \     /     *
    \   /       *
     \ /         *


I built an elaborate buffet of poisons in my basement. Trouble me no more, Family Formicidae!

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