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Time: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 00:03:36 GMT
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Sometimes people do things that are so kind and generous that it utterly astounds me. Today my best friend, Chris bought my family a car.

Last week we found out that our current ride, a 1987 Grand Marquis, costs more to repair than it's worth. The old "HMS Behemoth" leaks oil and transmission fluid badly, the water pump is toast, the brakes are terrifyingly bad, there's nothing in the way of an exhaust system from the catalytic converter back to the rusted-out muffler - and hot exhaust spews directly onto the gas tank, the frame is dangerously unstable and more.

The replacement vehicle isn't pretty, but I'll gladly sacrifice looks for safety and reliability. This one is a 1984 Lincoln Town Car that has, mechanically, been decently maintained. Chris had one condition: since he bought it he got to name it. Fair enough.

All hail the "USS War Pig"!!!

The HMS Behemoth was a great car for many years and it's tough to let her go. There is something to be said for sentimental value. Heck, my husband and I spent our first six months together living in that car when we were homeless. I honestly believe that if more couples even considering long-term relationships had to go through such challenges there would be stronger marriages/unions and far fewer divorces.

I've been hanging out with you for a month now and you've been putting the moves on even though you know I generally only like girls. But, I haven't stopped you, I haven't said no, because I like it. I like your attention. I like the fact that you want me in your bed.

Tonight you got me on a date. What am I doing? I think I knew it was a date before the night even began. I showered, redid my makeup, went through a couple outfits, and 2 bra's for you. I don't think it's a date I said to Karen. She didn't believe me. Apparently my subconscious didn't believe me either. It kept on making sure I looked good for you.

What am I doing? I don't know if I even like you like that. You're fun. You make me laugh. When I come home from work I think about doing down to your place and flopping on your couch. But, kissing? dating? Holding you close? As we waited for the T you pulled me to your side while joking about something sexual. I pulled away a little because, well, I've never been like that with a guy. I feel awkward. I'm not sure if I should go or stop.

At the party we sat close together on the couch. I leaned forward and when I sat back your arm was behind me. ;) Images of a teenage you doing the "yawn and stretch" in a movie theatre. Sometimes you're so cute and childlike. We sat close and talked about penises while admiring and rating the other girls there. I started thinking about having fun with one of them until I found myself rubbing my fingers back and forth across the rim of my cup. As we stood on the T going home my brain feeling very sleepy I kept staring at the bulge going down your leg and wondering, "Is this right? What am I doing?"

After talking it over with a friend, I realized that having a sexual conversation with him while fingering my cup and thinking about a cute girl at the party who I had only said "hi" to should have been more of a tip off that he's not the guy for me.

One more day before Vega$. I have stopped looking up fatal crashes and FAA fines.

A brief and incomplete list of things I'm taking with me on the plane: EIGRP materials, a pair of those fuzzy eyebrows/big nose glasses, water (anything but Evian), and freeze-dried miso soup..

Today I must pack, vacuum, and sleep. Wow.

I'm considering taking a more James Ellroy stance in regard to my journal.

Reasons why I must chill:

  • I feel a raging, one-sided competition with someone who I think is an imbecile and completely unworthy of the certification that he's pursuing. He is taking two (out of four) tests next week for it. It infuriates me, and it unfuriates me that I am infuriated. Refer to Why my co-worker, "Bob," is an idiot. But if it makes me slack less, than so be it. Again, I include one of my favorite Mark Leyner quotes: "Because of these murders, the whole Tai Chi community is very tense. And we hate being tense. And we hate ourselves for hating something. And we can't stand the anxiety that brews in the self-hatred. So we're all really unbalanced." I have to become a totally centered zen master, like, now.
  • I hate it - really hate it - when someone sits at my desk and moves any of my papers even one centimeter, or puts something large in the trash can by my desk. Or leaves a fingerprint on the screen. Or moves my Lego vehicle.
  • My stress goes to my stomach. Immediately.

Awake too early again. Cat cat! She wants us all to drag this string across the floor. She lays down next to it and badgers everyone who comes near. She puts on her cutest faces and sprawls. She meows uncontrollably. I ignore her and continue to node in a semi-conscious state. Don't get me wrong, I love my cat. But since i got home from vacation its been nothing but STRING STRING STRING. So what do i do? I play with her for ten minutes and then leave the string to someone else. Hell there are enough people in this house to keep 2 maybe 3 cats happy for maybe five minutes. Why can't we just keep the one happy?

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16:40 BST

How typical! As soon as we finish the barbecue and clear everything up... The Sun comes up.

I've run out of money 1 week before the end of the month. This means that I've bummed 30 squiddies off my wonderful Mummy. I feel really quite guilty about a) getting the money and b) regarding Mum as a source of cash.

Reread some of Matthew while I was noding The Sermon on the Mount. I feel like noding my thoughts on each of Jesus' lessons - even though someone downvoted my node. Happy Christians seem to be uncool around here.

Sunday day logs seem so empty...

No, this does not happen at McDonald's.

I'm midway through the ten minute drive to the nearest Wendy's when a police car passes me in the opposite direction while I'm stopped at a red light. I glance over, and I notice that the officer isn't wearing a uniform. "That's odd", I remark to myself. But onward! Lunch continues with no problems, as I have my usual double Classic hamburger and there is much rejoicing.

On the way back, I see a police car with sirens blasting off on the shoulder of the road. But oh no, this is no normal speeding violation. The police officer, you see, pulled over another police car. As I pass the scene, the officer has his sidearm drawn, screaming at the guy who passed me on the way there and telling him to put his hands behind his head and lie down on the ground. He apparently stole the squad car and was impersonating a police officer.

Next, I had some time to kill, so I went into a local computer store and was rummaging around in the back. I considered buying Icewind Dale, but I just started Planescape: Torment and I can only handle one major project at a time. But, as I'm rummaging through the bargain bin, I find a copy of the Gabriel Knight Collection (both GB I and II), which I've been looking for for over a year. Now, if only I could find a copy of Wing Commander IV, I'd be all set...
Sunday's are like that, sometimes.. quiet, dreamy it's.. a wind down day, I suppose, and I never expect much from it. It seems days of the week tend to adhere to the general opinion of what each should be, but it depends entirely on what it is you do during the week. I tend not to care what day it is, I rarely even remember anymore, simply because I've no set list of things to do at any given time. My days are striking in the area of similarity, and yet, very different from one to the next. I always seem to take something new from each day, and have a billion different thoughts. I guess it's because I have so much time to think.

I'm quite intensely happy about getting to hang out with my cousin last night, I'd missed him a lot. My birthday party went quite well, really, regardless of the number of people who managed to make it. I was given some neat little earthly possessions (including but not limited to a new book in which to write thought'y matter). I was given money, too, but it really doesn't mean a thing to me.. I smiled much more at the e-mails a few people sent. Oh, and my phone call from Luke that I mentioned in yesterday's daylog. That was great, oh so great, I love leetle lukehead, and katy even talked to me, she's all sweet and stuff. Thank you muchly to all those who made my day just a bit dreamier, but I'd like to say that most everyone who did manages to do the same every day anyway.

My uncle's girlfriend had her twins. They had to induce because her liver started to fail, and both babies had to be revived at birth and are in incubator's at present. I hope that works out for them both, I hope beyond anything that it does because I don't even want to think about how terrible it would be if things didn't go well.. moving right along.

I ate a piece of birthday cake a little while ago because I didn't think mixing sweet foods with alcohol last night would have done me very well. I really hope I can adhere to my stop drinking thing, it's so infinitely not what I like to do with myself. It just happens, or somethin'. Yeesh.

I'm kind of sleepy.. day is only about half way through, if not a bit less depending on when I venture to dreamland, so I'll add to this later...

What an achingly beautiful evening, just mind numbingly gorgeous and calming and so soothing, if only you'd been here it might have been just that much better. I can't complain though you should have seen the way the sky was so blue and pink, and as I walked up the hill the three horses in the pen nearest the barn took off in a run. It looked much like a painting come to life, but so much more than that it was amazing and I tend to agree with what Orion said, after I told this leetle story in #e: "It's things like that that you can only see when you have no way of capturing the memory other than in your head."

This day, it is almost over.. mm, I thought of some text to write whilst I was showering but I've probably forgotten most of it. We'll see, we'll see..
i feel good.

1st Samuel 16:7

Oh, I missed the Bay Area Noders Gathering by virtue of moving in yesterday. Feh. Apparently the Almighty was there (by which I mean nate). Mumble. I did get invited to a party, though. A theme party. Dress as a favorite deity. Well, that's a challenge...!

More later, the day is young, the sun is brilliant and the sky blue and the flowers bright.

(5:16 pm) Hey, it's later. I bought cool stuff. Unfortunately I can't tell you what it is, because Starrynight might read it. Oh, well. Hey! I need a reliable free e-mail account I can access with Eudora or Outlook! If you have a recommendation, /msg me, please! (My Unix account at comp.uark.edu is going to die soon :p) Thanks!

I scan 128 pages of process engineering info as I flip through a 1958 Baptist hymnal. Coffee cake and coffee. Dad drops in to talk finances and search for Starcraft conversion van resellers on the Web. I haven't done a single thing on my to-do list yet today. Beans and rice. globalcomputer.com is down, just when I resolved to spring for a kvm switch.

01:27 BST tomorrow

Aaargh, got to make this quick. Bed is calling. I might update/finish this tomorrow.

Useful things I did today:

  • Programming work
  • Staying alive

Yes, that's it. I didn't do anything. Well, I slept for about 11 hours the night before into this morning. And then I got up, did some nothing intermingled with eating and watching TV, browsing the web and e2, and work. Very unproductive day (even the work was spending quite a long time debugging a bug that turned out to be a single bit error. In a frigging CGI script. Okay, so it was a permission bit. Your point?).

Yes, I'll definitely update this tomorrow

This is likely going to be the last restful day I'll have for at least two weeks.

Next week will be a bit hectic, because I'll have both my job and driving lessons. The worst part of this is that I'll have to stay at work for an entire work day on Friday, instead of my usual 10am-2pm Friday schedule.

The week after that, I'll have the week off work, but I'll have more driving lessons. Plus I'll probably be helping some relatives remodel my grandmother's bathroom.

As for today, I wanted to go on a noding spree so I could reach level 4, but I couldn't think of 50+ things to write about, so I gave up.

I cleaned my oven today. Damn, that Easy-Off stuff is pretty harsh. Trust me; you don't want to inhale even the smallest amount of Easy-Off fumes. I lost most of my nose hairs. But, that's a small price to pay for being able to use my oven without filling the whole house with smoke.

A beautiful three day weekend. Friday was a paid vacation to Six Flags on behalf of the benevolent company. After which ensued an interesting night of drinking and chilling. Her older sister hung out with us, which was quite fun, actually. I think that I gained some points by being a good host.

Saturday saw a productive day; I bought some new playstation games (Bushido Blade, Final Fantasy 8) and got a haircut. Then in the evening, went to dinner theatre at Medieval Times; a barbaric but entertaining experience.

Today was spent, once again, laying around the pool and laying around in bed. Made fried rice for dinner and taught her the basics of how to "hack" into a system; ie, security weaknesses prevalent on many computers.

Don't mix two computer people in a relationship; if they're getting along, they can do some scary shit.

Things are good; although I've had a feeling of permanent 'out of it' -ness this past couple of days. Maybe it's been the headaches I've had lately.

I dunno. Whatever.

Discovered why I don't go to Tower Records for CD purchases. I'm sorry, but I can't think of any non-import cd that is worth $20.99. Nothing. I wandered around, picking up a few that I was intending to purchase, then upon noticing the prices, I immediately put them all back and left.

Went to Best Buy instead, and the $20.99 CD was down to $16.99, and the $18.99 one was only $12.99 there. So I realized rather quickly which place I'm going to shop at. Though I am considering looking and seeing if there are any local non-chain shops, and giving them a visit.

Anyways, I bought:

Went to do a little clothes shopping, and was feeling very much in an androgynous mood. That's when I discovered that, at least at the moment, there seems to be very little that can fit into that category besides the standard jeans and t-shirt. Everything I saw was either very defintely masculine or feminine, and I wasn't in the mood for that. So I didn't get much of anything. (BTW - if anyone knows of a good place for androgynous clothing, let me know... somedays I just feel that way and need clothing for it...)

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