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My excuse for poetry I found in an old textbook that’s been gathering dust in my room for years now. God knows why I decided to put it on E2, but I have.

I'd never thought you'd slip away
I guess i was just a little to late
An innocent bystander in your life
If only you knew

All the chances I missed
For a touch of your lips
The feel of your skin
Of hours spent in the sun
If only you knew

If you knew I was hanging
By a web of my own design
Waiting for you to realise my feelings
Waiting, watching, pining
If only you knew

I know the chances are slim
But my head refuses to believe,
To acknowledge the sense
The hopeless romantic must be content with its lot
Maybe someday
You'll know

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

(or, Seeking Fortune and Fame)

One Patric Ian Henn, formerly of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, got caught red-handed in a disturbing five-figure fraud a few years ago. Sentenced to two years in prison and twelve years of probation, the moment his two years in the slammer were up he skipped town (and his probation). You'd think a smart (and very openly gay) crook on the lam would dodge the limelight at any cost. Oh, but no, not this flaming felon.

The felony for which he was tried and convicted was defrauding the American Red Cross of $68,000. You see, he posed as the domestic partner of a 9/11 disaster victim! He was caught out and sentenced by a Broward County, Florida judge to 2 1/2 years in jail and 12 1/2 years probation. Speed up to his release in 2006 and instead of hanging around and re-paying the scammed funds, as promised, he decided it'd be better to "go west, young man."

Not only did Henn, 33, establish a new identity for himself, he established a fun new career. He started a video blog called "Boy About Town" and decided to start showing up at celebrity parties, movie openings and other star-studded affairs with microphone in hand, often appearing on-camera with various B-list Hollywood personalities. Long Beach, California police caught up with the flamboyant self-proclaimed Internet gossip columnist and promptly extradited him back to Florida, where he faces some serious jail time.

Well, in the words of Andy Warhol, he did get his "fifteen minutes of fame." And years behind bars to think about it.

A NOTE FROM THE WRITER: WTF?!! Downvotes? Does that mean that those readers would rather that this criminal get away with his misdeeds unpunished? Would that the downvoters had explained their actions; that's a fantasy around here. Should one think that I'm homophobic or such, one merely need read my homenode to discover that I'm a contributing member of the E2 usergroup outies.

My final thought is downright paranoid. Are there indeed members of our delightful community who'd take pleasure in seeing this man defraud a helpful organization of funds intended for mothers and children (or, heck, significant others)?!

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