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The gentleman who broke up with me recently says on the phone yesterday that he feels like I am harassing him.

I hang up immediately.

He invoked... TERROR.

After all of the family lawsuits, I felt terror.

I call my attorney.

My attorney recuses himself as it is a small town. He gave me the name of another. I call and leave a message.

Then I hide and get drunk. Barfed him and the terror out of my system, from about 2 am on.

I feel crappy but I am up and dressed, because the electricians are here.

The guy has my amplifier. He knows I want it back.

Only after terror, I don't care.

(Lizard here: wow, my hostess practically went catatonic. Dinner of mostly prossecco and then spent half the night hidden asleep. Got up to stagger back to the house just before starting to barf. Guess I will have to protect her now. Poor lambs, both of them. That, however, is enough of that.)

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