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The time has come to introduce a plan for America's police force to begin liberal use of their nightsticks or batons. These underused items of population control must come back into the modern vogue in times when the American population must be brought about to live in almost constant fear in order to accelerate the president's plan to defeat terrorism and force dictators and disguised communists to accept democracy and total freedom as the way of the future to be accepted without question. Those who do not accept democracy and freedom should be first beaten extremely soundly with batons (or maybe a few warning shots first - as it takes a while to learn that freedom and democracy require two things, keeping your mouth shut unless you agree with what is being said and complete and total obedience without question).

The second thing should involve imprisonment. In order to advance the cause and security for American and the world the first thing we must do is immediately suspend the right of havingly corpus, which Lincoln did to win the Civil War. Like lawsuits, trials have become too often and too many in this country and we need to trust our police and other law enforcement personal well enough to know they would never arrest an innocent person. There should be no commuting of sentences and there should never be a release date. Studies show when criminals get out of prison they just commit more crimes. Get them in there and let them rot. The death sentence should be prescribed for any who get caught doing particularly offensive crimes. A very serious nightsticking that involves either complete or total paralysis including but maybe not entirely limited to bone break involving contusions and even, in the case of the most offensive of crimes, some breaks that involve the busted up and shattered bone protruding from the surface and being laughed at by prison personal for at least fifteen minutes while pointing and jeering happens with onlookers who pay a nominated fee for having this look see into freedom in action.

I would like to see batons or nightsticks used on our youth on a fairly regular basis. This is included by not limited to discouraging them from hanging out. Part of a true democracy is requiring youth to be in scouting or some sort of church organization for tree planting or caring for the elderly. If this is not amenable they will receive many more baton or nightstick beatings and used for trash pickup on roadsides and resurfacing tables of a formica nature. Give these kids a couple of serious lumps on the head and a black eye or two and you'll have them working towards merit badges instead of being on the pot in no time.

Those of us who support traditional American values need to begin to reel in those who fight against these values in their efforts to create a repressive communist regime in which freedoms are discarded in order to cause the allowing of people to do what they want to do. We must restrict these people and the use of batons or nightsticks will be a start but only a start. For good example think of the freeloading illegal immigrants who come here to take advantage of the free health care offered to all Americans when they are not Americans but foreigners with no right to such dignities under the law. My ideas in this vein involve using abandoned hospitals shut down decades ago due to being condemned as unfit and putting them into these places along with a large number of people with contagious and extremely painful diseases and conditions so they will all get it and wish they were back in their own country where they belong instead of freeloading here getting free health care and great paying jobs and the opportunity to look at white women. Problems need solutions and this is one that is very good in theory as it will be in practice.

After much involvement in myself during Fourth of July activities involving firecrackers and hot dogs and singing of patriotic songs I am filled with a renewed enthusiasm that true Americans can take back their country by silencing the complainers and installing the kind of unyieling discipline involving nightsticks or batons and potentially machines a person can be attached to that will make them suffer for hours or days that will show them that they cannot attack and belittle freedom and democracy by talking bad about it. We need a new obedience and a complete elimination of dissent to bring America back to its rightful place as a shining beacon of freedom to the world.

I've never been trick-or-treating in my life. Not once. The last time I dressed up for Halloween I was seven years old, but nobody could quite come to terms with the sight of an elementary school kid striding down the block done up like Harold Hill. The year before that I was a Mathnet agent, had a little silver badge taped onto the inside cover of my calculator that I'd flash at people. I remember hoping that somebody would get it, but I'm fairly certain no one did. I think it managed to break something in my head.

Maybe I was an overly serious child or something but I don't think so, and it's certainly not that I'm serious now, but I wonder maybe if spending Halloweens at home as a kid, waiting for someone to knock on MY door and ask for MY candy, was the cause of root of something psychologically damaging.

I hate imposing. Talking to strangers in a bar, for instance, feels like I'm intruding on their world a little, a world that they never even dreamed of having me in. I don't like asking people for things, or for help, or even to just chill sometimes because it feels like I'm tacitly asking them for something.

I had this friend in college in Massachusetts, Sammy. He was the guy in the dorm with the car; there's always one. Dairy Mart was a longass way away in the snow, and hell did it snow that winter, and I'd sometimes grab a lift from Sam for a cigarette run. The thing was, in my head, it was a trade - Sammy would give me a lift, and I'd buy him a pack of smokes. I'd preface it that way, too - he was fully aware of my mental process in regards to that arrangement. One night he said something like, "You know, you can just ask. Maybe I'll be in the mood and maybe I won't, but you're my friend. You don't need to barter for my time."

I'd like to think I've gotten better, but I'm not sure. Because now, when I do shit like that, I notice it without being able to stop. 'Come on over, I'll cook ya dinner;' 'Meet me in the park, I'll buy you lunch;' 'come out drinking tonight, I'll buy ya a beer.'

It never occurs to me to say 'come over. I miss you,' until later, the irony being that honesty like that feels manipulative as hell.

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