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The book's chief impact—and since we're trying to figure out what Ulysses, and, by extension, what modernism means to us today—was the sense of the novel as a religious object. To read Ulysses initiated you into a mystery cult. It set you apart from other people, other kids at school, and if you were growing up in the suburban Midwest, it opened up a world where art, deep learning, and the mastery of language were the things that mattered. -- Jeffrey Eugenides, writing in Slate.com. URL: http://slate.msn.com/id/2102446/entry/0/

Works for me-- the sense of the book as a religious object. I've been rereading The Illuminatus! Trilogy, and i'm struck by how it takes authors (seemingly at random) and uses them as the center of some meta-religion which rings true to me because I like the same authors. That's really it-- H.P. Lovecraft probably didn't give a shoggoth's fart about Joyce, and I doubt that William S Burroughs cared about The Fugs. But these are all authors who I (and, i assume, much of Robert Anton Wilson's audicence like... so they're all in on it.

Of course, Ulysses works as a secret cultlike document, a lit student Necronomicon. It's got a Mason as a main character, constant references to Kabbalah and strange hereses, and bits that could very well be interpreted as mystical statements. Start playing Unknown Armies and you realize it could be about three Godswalkers unknowingly (Bloom, Molly?) or knowingly (Stephen, with his ashplant embodying their avatars. Or it could be a Bibliomantic/Cliomantic project (mages who work with books and history, respectivly), intended to ressurect 16 June 1904 Dublin on some arbitrary point (today, presumably, or next year-- 'a year and a day').

Then you've got the whole 'Joycean' cult, which is starting to seem like another granfallon (Kurt Vonnegut's name for an arbitrary grouping of people) just 4 months after I've been inducted into it-- people, many of them probably Dylanologists, Discordians, Wiccans, and other such geeky kinship societies. Sure, its cool recognizing that somebody loves the same book as I do, and its neat how many doors it opens... but find me somebody who loved House of Leaves and you'll really have a meeting of the minds (let's ignore the fact that most of those people would probably be Joyceans).

(Don't get me started on the Oirish music and the accents... )

The book is badass in its utter insanity, the depth of its commitmant... and that may be why its so attractive. But for some of is, its not about the literature.

Looking at this weeks Bloomsday handout I see a conferance on Moses and Joyce, with, and i quote, Rabbi Raymond Apple and Dr Boyo Ockinga. At this all my skeptisim is gone and I can only utter an awed 'Hail Eris' and prepare for a recruitment schipel from the Legion of Dynamic Discord

(And speaking of Dyanamic Discord i'm listening to the Aussie parlimentary debates on the radio. Actual argment and passion is such a wonderful change from the American version).

I just thought I'd drop in a quick note about a t-shirt I saw today. It doesn't deserve a proper writeup, but it amused me none the less.


Say what? Here, we have a t-shirt, advocating 'destroy capitalism'. Capitalism, eh? Lets see what E2 has to say about that...

Sinner says in his writeup:

"An economic system based upon the leveraging of wealth to accrue more wealth."

Now this t-shirt was being sold in a shop. More than that, it is sold in a shop by a guy who cares nothing for the actual views of people who want to *ahem*, 'DESTROY CAPITALISM'. He is cashing in on the fact that things like this are fashionable now. This t-shirt was being sold for about £15 (that's about $30). Now that's a lot of money for a basic t-shirt.

Do the wee 'punk rock' kids care?

No of course not, because that's a "Damn cool t-shirt, dude". Ah the fabulously amusing age that we live in. If you can't laugh at them, what can you do?

New Topic
You know that Busted song, 'Year 3000?' (Sorry someone just brought it up in the Catbox) Has anyone else notice that the line aabout 'your great great great grandaughter' is hideously innaccurate?

We are in the year 2004 now. If I have kids, lets assume I am 35 when this happens, just to make sure I am mature enough (hopefully). In fact, we will assume that all my family have kids when they are exactly 35, due to some wierd family tradition.

So I have some kids at 35 (year 2021). Now, they have kids at 35 (year 2056). These are my Grandaughters. They have kids at 35 (2091), and their kids (2126), and their kids (2161). Here we are at my great great great grandaughter. So by the time we get to the year 3000, she is 839 years old.

839 years old!

I'm sure we're going to have lots of advances in extending peoples lifetimes and cosmetic surgery etc, but 839 and still looking gorgeous and alive is fairly ridiculous.

I have too much time on my hands...

This text is mirrored in my homenode.

I have developed an eating problem. I am overeating. I am binge-eating.

I'm not too sure when it started. It has manifested itself occasionally since college, but only since September 2003 has it happened more then once a month. During January-February 2004 and during June 2004 I have been bingeing up to five times a week.

I am still thin. I have not yet grown out of my current clothes. I believe that I need to gain control of this binging problem before I begin to gain large amounts of weight.

Last night, June 16, I consumed a half-pint of Jack Daniels. After that, I went to an all-night Walgreen's in search of snacks. I found none. I went to a local convenience store (Wagner's Meat, for those locals who know their motto) and bought a bag of flavored potato chips I wanted to try. I ate them all. I drove to an all-night Rite-Aid and bought another bag of flavored potato chips I wanted to try. I ate them all. I drove to a convenience store in the Quarter that I knew sold Indian snack mixes. They were not open. On the way back I bought a bag of pretzels. This was because I wanted something to crunch on. I ate them all.

I was not hungry when I started this binge.

I have a dry-erase board in my room. On it, I write a number. That number represents the days since my last binge. Since I started it keeping track a week ago, that number has not risen above 2.

I have not been serious about solving my overeating problem. I hope that being public about it will help me be serious about solving it.

I am moving the 'days since the last binge' count to my homenode. It is the most public place I own.

Currently, my last binge happened on the night of June 16, 2004. It has been 0 days since my last binge.

Went upstairs to get something to drink. I've been thirsty all day.
It's raining. I didn't even hear it when I took off my headphones and got up. Strange.
I stood at the sliding glass door and looked outside and watched it. Watched the little droplets hit the pavement and burst into little waves, and watched it distort the air and houses in front of me. There was a lot of it. I thought for a second, would I rather be in here or out there?
I went downstairs and held my ear to the door for a little while. I wanted to listen. Pitter patter, pitter patter.

My sleep schedule during the summer is insane. Normally, school keeps me from doing stuff like this, but when I don't have to be somewhere every day, things get messed up. See, I sleep for 12+ hours and stay awake for around 16. You see the problem? A day holds 24 hours. My days hold at least 28. So I go around in a cycle. At first I'm waking up at noon, sleeping past midnight. Then I'm getting up at night, sleeping when it gets light. I missed a friend's birthday party because I fell asleep an hour before and couldn't be woken. I got up a half hour after it ended. I feel kind of bad about that.
Eventually everything is flipped around. I don't leave the house for days, I just stay here on the computer. Except can't get on from 12am to 8am, so instead I have to sit up in my room. So I sit around and play Disgaea, even though all I have to do now is make my character stronger. Eventually I come down here and get on the spare, horribly old computer and play Freecell until 8.

This is my life.

When I'm up during the day, I still normally get on the computer. For these two or three weeks of summer, I think I've been to a friend's house a total of twice. I believe I've been to the mall more times than that, which is a social experience as well, but in reality I should probably be getting more human contact.

Well, I don't know. I just wanted to write something. Maybe the rain inspired me, but the rain node is full and I didn't have enough to say about it anyways. So instead I gave insight into my life and now this is a daylog.

Hey, you know what's fun? Writing a node and only hardlinking to nodes that are in your bookmarks. Bonus points if you can make them somewhat relevant. Minus points if you bookmark stuff just to link it. Cheater.

Today is Iceland's day of independance. Many in other countries such as Ukraine, Madagascar or United States might think it is uninhabitable, it is not. Quite on the contrary, I have never seen an igloo with my own eyes although some while ago I did try to build one.

Iceland's history, or sagas are old, but that stuff is relative, that is to say it depends on your viewpoint. Us Icelanders have a nice folklore tale about the first (recognised) settlers on this remote island. Back in the middle of the eigth century AD or so a Norwegians ruler named Haraldur had decided to unite all of Norway under himself. he wouldn't under any circumstances cut his hair until this goal of his had been reached and therefore by 874 AD had earned the nickname "harfagri" (rough translated "prettyhair"). A bunch of Norwegians were unhappy with Haraldur's conquer and divide policy and set sail for a better future. They found Iceland and as folklore has it, Ingólfur Arnarson, when approaching the shores set adrift a couple of wooden poles. Where these poles would wash ashore, Reykjavík was founded.

Christianity caught up with us in 1000 AD (not 999 or 1001 heheh) and so did the Norwegians in 1262. Sometime in the middle ages intermarriages between Scandinavian roaylty shuffles us over to the Danes and around 1541 (if my memory serves me) we convert to protestantism.

In 1905 Iceland regains autonomy from Denmark. Alþingi is no more a voice that can be muted. Come the second world war and occupancy of Denmark, we become independent sixy years ago.

It's not especially small (just over 100.000 square kilometers) but it's landscape is young, relatively speaking it wasn't formed so long ago. With a population around 290.000 mostly concentrated around the capital in the south west corner. Tectonically speaking, we are on America's side of the Atlantic, just like Greenland. Our culture, like so many others, has unfortunately become saturated with American filth from Hollywood. Today the Icelandic flag was flying everywhere, but when people came home from listening to our chubby prime minister address they watched The King of Queens or Malcolm in the middle. What waste of Icelandic time.

I just don't think those shows are funny. I went walking through our downtown area. Usually it is rather empty, Icelanders just don't have the critical mass population needed to sustain a thronged city center. Today on the other hand it was about as filled as...well my imagination fails me. It was a joyous sunny afternoon. People smiled and bought hot dogs or those foamy sugary sticks for their children. Vendors were everywhere because there was demand. Entertainers did poetry with chalks on the streets, bands were playing on multiple stages, street artists pretended this and that and some original minds had the idea to let people draw pictures so they could be computer drawn later and made into a cartoon. I did one of a woman shopping in a super market.

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