I ask for a dream.

I am in a plane. My daughter is the pilot. We are flying over the ocean by the Olympic Peninsula. (Though there is more ocean than there really is.) I want to see a whale.

"I want to see a whale." I shout. It's noisy.

I see a disturbance in the water. Something breaches. It's not a whale. It is a fish. It is a giant fish, the size of a semi.

"Fly closer!" I shout.

I am near my house in the middle of 14th street. I can see the water from there, a view. I see the giant fish breach, off our Peninsula.

I call P. "Look out at the water! Giant fish!" It isn't one giant fish. There are three. They throw themselves out of the water and fall back. I wonder what they are trying to escape. If there is something, it is huge.

I wake up. I feel blessed by this dream and I am thankful for it. Beautiful giant fish.

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