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I've been up /msging all the Scottish Everythingians I can find, but in case I missed anyone...
Donald, Where's Your Write-oops?, a Scottish e2 gathering will be in Glasgow, this Saturday
All invited, keep an eye on the above node for more info, and lemme know if you can attend.

Now, I'm going to need some sleep. Our bathroom is being redecorated, and this morning there were some workmen in to take the tiles off the walls, the easiest way possible - ie with hammers. The bathroom is right next to my bedroom, so I moved into the spare room so the noise wouldn't be too bad in the morning. Of course, there's an internet connection in the spare room, so I was up, messing about online until about 4. Silly me.

And they'll be back in the morning to put up plasterboard (drywall to the yanks)

And yes, I know this wu really belongs on yesterday, but i want to get the word out about Saturday!

Hmm. Only six days until the baby is due to be born: so any time from now to early July! Apparently only 3% of kids are born on the expected date. Not very expected, if you ask me.

Can't think what to name it if it's a boy. We've got the girl's name decided, and we're pretty sure of the first name for a boy, just not the middle name. I don't think my wife would be keen on "TheBooBooKitty", no matter how rare. Sorry mate.

The house is prepared, with two rooms combined into one to free up a room for the nursery. I must have put up about two football pitches' worth of shelves to store stuff.

Not long until I don't get much sleep for a few months. At least there will be a really good supply of excellent toys around the house.


Ruplex phoned in the results from Oulu.
37 points == no university for me. Maybe next year.
The Jyväskylä results aren't in yet, but my chances were worse to begin with.

It's funny.. I've spent most of my spare time doing stuff with computers since I was 9 years old. I've worked in the field for almost 2 years now. But this all means squat, hence I have just been disqualified from becoming a student of the subject. It's odd, somehow.
Of course, I have nobody else to blame for this but myself. I simply didn't study enough. Failing such a ridiculously easy exam has left me feeling inadequate as well as downright unintelligent. I've kept telling myself that working for an another 12 months isn't such a bad thing, which it really isn't. But somehow I've got this strange notion stuck in my head that I can get out of loserdom only by becoming a poor student. Unfortunately, my parents share the notion and will most likely be pissed off at my failure. That should make it easier to handle. :)

Ok, I'd better stop before this becomes an another pointless bitching and moaning day log. You know how good I am at writing up those.
In 24 hours I have forgotten all about my poor exam outcome. The long midsummer's eve weekend is upon us! This year I even get to spend it with some friends, as my best pal has nothing special to do and his girlfriend is away. After I recently got pissed on (figuratively speaking) by a person I had erroneously considered to be a friend, I've tried to not take any friendships for granted. Which is why it's especially nice to spend the biggest holiday of the summer with my mates.

In case you're not a Finn and aren't aware of our customs, the Finnish Midsummer's Eve traditions include boozing almost to the point of passing out, taking a small boat to the lake with no life jacket and subsequently drowning.
Me and my buddies are not traditionalists.

The Unbelieveable E2 Meeting in Helsinki™ is approaching fast. Having attempted to organize similar (non-E2) get-togethers before, I'm quite sure 75% of the signed up people come up with a weak excuse 24 hours before the gathering and won't show up. But I'm also positive that the ones who do attend will have a good time. I'm personally really looking forward to meeting my fellow Everythingians for the first time. Don't worry, there will be plenty of photographic evidence for the rest of you...

By the way.. How come is the day log so empty today?
Are people taking a summer holiday from E2?
Or are they scared of the systematically downvoting pussies?
In any case, I'm happy to step on the mine field.

~~~~ 1630hours ~~~~

I was at HobbEs party last night at his flat. The occasion was his going away party coz he's just completed his finals. I didn't really fancy going coz I wouldn't know anyone there, but what the hell, he is my friend.

It was my first time in Jeffrey Chow's (HobbEs) flat. It was quite small. In the living room where lots of strangers. There were:

  • Jeffrey (completed degree guy)
  • Ben Werdmuller (Jeff's flat m8)
  • Sanna
  • Sarah
  • Jen
  • Iain
  • some guy with glasses
  • some guy from the previous Goth party
  • Mrow Joe & that other chinese guy
  • that other guy with glasses
  • Katie (Ben's gf)
  • 3 spanish girls + 1 spannish guy
  • oh, my friend Robert H. (who I knew only)

Apparently, all these girls met Ben through IRC chatting. I thought it was a co-incidence since that happened to me and Susanna (my sister). Also, some of these girls knew my sister through IRC aswell. Ben Werdmuller was the guy who I spoke to on the phone back in 1998 talking about Computer Science in Edinburgh University (coz he was doing 1st year, and I was going there). I never manage to met up with Ben, even though I tried hard arranging meetups, etc. through email. It was until I met HobbEs through the interest of Counter-Strike. I brought up Ben's name, and HobbEs said, "yeah, he's my flat mate".

Sanna was the one who had interesting hair with purple and blue half way down. Sarah goes to Napier and had a tattoo of a seahorse.

Weird things had been happening. Mrow Joe and Robert H. were trying to do a remake of the Tobasco sauce drink cocktail. After the third attempt Mrow Joe made an excellent, Vodka on bottom, seperated by Tobasco sauce in middle with Archers on top. Everyone tried it.

Robert H. ran out of Archers. He then experiementally used a large portion of Red Wine, Tobasco, and vodka. Gen wondered into the kitchen.
"would you like to try one of my cocktails", Robert said.
"what is in it", Gen curiously asked, peering at this mysterious red, yellow and white drink.
"red wine at bottom, tobasco sauce and vodka on top", Robert pointing at the ingredients.
The girl took a swig. Suddenly she exclaimed as if she was on fire. "that's ,.....er good" and ran away (probably to the toilet). Robert just realising how much strong red wine and tobasco sauce was in that glass.

Though that didn't stop Robert H. He tried it himself, carefully, with not too much red wine. His next weird cocktail was cappacino ice-cream, redwine and vodka. He went into the living room and offered it to Iain (who was sitting on that comfy chair with girls around him. Next thing I saw was the drink was all over his T-shirt.. which he just bought that day. Red wine appeared on the living room carpet, which was not a nice sight.

The food was quite interesting. The usual munch's were around. They made home-made salmon on crackers, etc. Vegie hotdogs, burnt crisps, fried irn-bru, fried marsbar, etc. Very Scottish!

Next weird things happened... dark red lip markings started appearing on all the guys faces... not to mention other parts of their bodies, like bellies, knees, elbows, and other anatomy parts you can thing off. The girls were all going mad and putting on more dark lip-stick to put more on us!!! Also that other guy started trying to eat Ben.

I scared the shit out of a cell phone driver.

To those who don't think cell phones distract drivers, I'd love to differ. I was on my way home and someone down the road pulled into my lane, going MY way (head on). She was gabbing away on a cell phone, and I took it upon myself to make sure she'd never do this again.

I maintained current speed and heading. There was a four foot median in the road so she couldn't just jump into the proper lane. But there was an intersectrion she could jump across that laid well before my projected collision area. I even verified there was no traffic in the other lanes for her to hit while trying to get out of my way.

We weren't going very fast, I was going 35 and she was at 20. But that means that we were heading towards each other at about 55. She was laughing at the phone when she finally saw me. Her eyes became the size of dinner plates when she saw 1/2 a ton of Ford truck closing at 50 mph from over the wheel of her econobox.

She quickly took the escape route I'd planned for her, and good thing I'd checked because she didn't look behind her. She was too busy giving me a look and yelling presumably foul stuff at me. Which didn't shake me at all, she had the window up. Whoever was on the phone probably got an earfull though. Class dismissed.


Sitting at work looking at the little intel inside doll on top of my monitor. A little strange since I am using a SunBlade with nothing intel inside of it. I got proper business cards today, making me officially 'Production System Administrator'. I am nearly crying at my on leetness... oh no I'm not... I'm crying because I have no idea how the production web site actually works and I have to learn it quick.

On the bright side, I am working on programming in ruby. It is a really neato language, and so far it doesn't seem that hard to pick up. The book online at www.rubycentral.com is a good place to start. Work is getting hectic so I feel I should stop.

I buried Jeremy up to his head in sand on the side of the dune. It was a lot of work without a bucket, covered with dry sifty sand all in my pockets shoes and hair. He had a hard time getting out. I watched the stars blink and hold steady for a long time, watched a couple fall into easily recognizeable constellations. Then a huge bright shooting star which made us all gasp and break the heavy silence. It was nice no city lights on the horizon. It was cold as winter, then a little more with the ocean wind digging through. I had on four layers which was just about right, enough to let the cold pierce through without chilling to the bones.

Back in Eugene from the sand dunes around 4:30 am, we piled into Bodhi's house through the side door left unlocked for us. Jeremy went home and I passed out on the couch from exhuastion. Selena emerged from the bathroom and told me to come to Bodhi's bed when I was tired of being uncomfortable (curled up on the end of the couch). I should have stayed there, would have, but the overhead light was on. I got up right as I was drifting to sleep and turned it off, then decided to move to the bed. I slept a restless light sleep strange few dreams. The vivid one I recall was peculiar in its twists and action movie style.

I was hanging out with Tyler and Jessica at my house, we decided to go downtown to the store to get something to snack on. Walking through the streets and fields I noticed an unusual amount of police cars, enough to make me suspicious of them. Then a helicopter flew overhead and looped around us a bit before leaving. Another emerged on the horizon to take its place, sweeping its searchlight over the evening ground, locking onto and following us. We ducked into a stairwell that led to a basement, and then continued on only to be pursued by further helicopter trained spotlights until we reached a quiet side street with plenty of trees to cover our movement. I heard a shot off to the side and ducked behind some parked cars only to see Tyler and Jessica fall dead to the concealed sniper. After a moment, on the roof across the street a mob of police in riot gear descended on the sniper and tackled him. It turns out, the police said, they had heard this man wanted to kill us and so they had been trying to protect us the entire time with police cars and helicopters. The said that Tyler had broken into the mans store (this is depicted visually) in the night to steal money. The man had heard something and come to look at the door which Tyler had forced open to gain entry. Tyler had hidden, then come up behind the man and bludgeoned him with a brick before running off. I had several more hours of fitful sleep until Bodhi crept in and snuck under the covers between us.

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