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Today is the solstice. Although server time says that it isn't, but it is still the 21st local time and at 11:14 PM, astronomical twilight has yet to start.

I fear, like I often do on occasions like this, that I have failed to take advantage of these last days of spring, and that I should have climbed a mountain or done something similarly grandiose to celebrate the eventual downfall of light and warmth into a Montana winter.

The phrase "take advantage of" certainly can be a double entendre. Time is not something that can be grasped, held on to, or manipulated, and if it were to be, would it be in the manner suggested by the phrase "take advantage of", which speaks of violence and exploitation. People have done enough damage and been foolish enough in seeing the earth as a basket of resources to be divvied up. But time is not a resource: time is, technically speaking, a transcendent intuition, and attempts to treat it like a gaylord of copper bearing material will be even more fruitless and damaging than treating things that are (for better or worse) objects to manipulate as such.

But now that the streaks of light have faded from the northern sky, what do I have saved from this?

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