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Time to take the plunge and make a post again.

Every so often, usually months or years between, I swing past Everything2 again and read stuff.  This time, I've been reading the day logs every 1-3 days for the last month.  There seems to be less day logs these days when compared to back in my day, and I think I read somewhere during the last month that there's less regular users these days. I have no yard stick for measuring that; most of the familar faces I remember do not seem to be active anymore.  Possibly, they lurk quietly, occasionally, much like I do, and probably in different months and years.

As usual, I yet again get inspired to start noding once more. I fire up my draft page, then sit there, typing nothing, no clue in my brain as to what to type.  Nothing interesting enough for a daily log comes to mind at that moment.  Nothing I have in-depth knowledge about for an info node. No desire to spend a long time researching & learning a topic thoroughly to then node for the future.  What few topics I do think of turn out to usually be covered by others already.  As for non-information nodes, philosophical musings are so hit or miss with readers, and therefore more likely to die. Same for fiction.  On the internet, I keep my opinions close to me like secrets, so as not to attract ire from far-reaching people with different thoughts to mine. It is easier to stay in the background and let others take the spotlight.

Then, too, the flavour of Everything2 has changed since I first signed up, and what was once held to be a good or common style node is not always considered good now.  Upon poking at my user page, settings, and scratchpad a few weeks ago, I was shocked at some of my old nodes that had been deleted.  Sure, some deserved to die, but according to my now outdated standards, there were a decent amount I thought belonged. So were I to start noding again, I would need to recalilbrate myself to right here, right now.

I retain my love of pipelinks.

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