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in my last necromancy diary entry i was talking about how i was doing a SUMMONING RITUAL to get RONNIE JAMES DIO to come to my house so i can produce him at my testing ritual on this saturday.

well i fucked it all up, that's the short version. some of you already know because you asked in mails and i appreciate your concern but i dont know what the hell went wrong. if youll remember in the middle of the SUMMONING CIRCLE is a POWER TRIANGLE and in that i put a CD of HEAVEN AND HELL and a pack of smokes. but nothing was happening so i figured what the hell i'd just listen to the CD and have a cig while i waited so i burned down a heater and started rocking out to some fucking SABBATH. so i kinda hit this trance stage where i was just laying on my back next to the SUMMONING CIRCLE and listening to those kickass guitar soloes and thinking about what it means to have the DARK SPARK. and i guess i fell asleep. i dont know for sure but i woke up coughing. because i had all this inscents and candles around the circle and when i fell asleep i guess i knocked one over with my foot and it caught the attic floor on fire. it wasnt like a big fire or anything, but the wood was burning and there was a whole lot of smoke so it was pretty fucked up. i grabbed this blanket i had up there and just beat the hell out of the flames and they went out pretty OK but theres this huge black spot now and soot all over the walls and shit. of course the blanked is ruined too and it was a pretty good blanket, a gift from my father. it had a tiger on it but now you can barely even tell it was a tiger.

so needless to say i was feeling pretty discouraged about everything and thats also why i didnt write anything on the next day. but you know i got to thinking and i was thinking that maybe it did work but just Dio works in mysterious ways. because in that moment i was SLEEPING IN THE FLAMES and just like ENGULFED in smoke and BLACKNESS and that is pretty much right on for a necromancer. my mentor Vincent Von Androalphus says sometimes spirits can enter us or effect us when we summon them so maybe Dio made me fall asleep and made me fuck up the attic with fire. i can think of 2 reasons Dio would do this:

#1: he wanted me to have a close experience with darkness and fire to help me on my necromancy path

#2: he doesnt want to be summoned and was telling me to fuck off and die

unfortunately without more information i cant really make a good guess one way or another so i will have to try and summon him again at the ritual and just see how it goes. of course i will meditate some more on these happenings but i cant dwell on the past all the time so ill be trying to get some other stuff done this week too. as always if you have any questions about SUMMONING RITUALS or anything else relaited to necromancy just hit me up im usually on the computer late at night doing ARCANE RESEARCH. thanks for reading.

The world is a weird place. I was trying to get hold of my cousin via that social networking site whose name everyone knows but is apparently verboten to mention here, so I set up an account a little while back. I mostly avoid the place - it's a time sink and mostly useless for someone as socially defective as me - but hey, what the hell. Anyway, while trying to get in touch with him, I tripped over the page for someone I went to high school with, who I did something fucked up to, long ago.

I agonized over whether or not to send a message apologizing. In the end I decided that sending it was the only sane thing to do. What's the worst that happens, she blocks me? If so, I know all I need to know. If not, at least I've apologized. Fifteen years later, a few prank calls are probably no longer in any way relevant, but I can't be sure. Though more than those, I was apologizing for lying about it when confronted later. We shall see how this turns out. I'm predicting a total non-event, but at least it's off my chest.

But anyway. Three more stops left on this accurséd deployment. Three more paychecks. Can't happen soon enough. Seriously, last December (and the final few weeks of November) effectively didn't happen. I feel like I've been bobbing around like a mouse in a teacup since September.

Anyway, about to have to work 96 hours straight, maybe. Later.

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