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The June Fourth Movement was the name that was given to the whole Tiananmen Square and the following chaos, not just after martial law was declared. Known in China as "Six Four", it is often completely misintepreted by the Western world. In addition, people often compare this to the May Fourth movement, and attribute this to democracy as well, another false claim. People who known nothing should not be allowed on the media.

In any case, June Fourth was started as a massive public movement to end the rampant corruption, nepotism and favoritism in China. In addition, the protestors were demanding the resignation of Li Peng and his group of hard-line cronies, who were more or less leftovers from the Maoist era. The students were intially crying for reform, being a restructuring of government and a purge of corruption from the whole system. That was OK, because the leadership in China at the time was shifting undeniably to Deng Xiaoping, Zhao Ziyang, Jiang Zemin and other more moderate figures. In retrospect, the actions of the students pushed back reform for years, but that's another story.

The visit of Gorbachev in May 1989 sparked a radical shift in the agenda of the student protestors. Realize that the movement was still and was always about until the end, the removal of corruption and all that. Note that the silent supporters of the students disagreed with the democracy dogma spouted by the students. Bet the American media didn't tell you that right?

When I watched the meeting between the government and student leaders, I do not recall a single word about democracy (this was before the Gorbachev deal). However, seeing the influx of foreign press, the students grabbed the opportunity to speak for the protestors, but in reality, they were speaking for themselves. Democracy was not on the original list, they put it there for the press to see.

More bullshit regarding democracy follows. I'm sure everyone saw the tearful video made by one of the female student leaders, because it was broadcasted all over the Western media. Yeah, trust the media to warp the event. Democracy was not what the mass of protestors wanted. It was just the radical students. I love how the media practices selective censorship.

Exploiting the Gorbachev visit and the press entourage was shrewd, but those people knew they were way over their heads when they asked for democracy. I'm not forgiving the government for what they did, but every time I hear some fool blabber about democracy and freedom at Tiananmen Square, no doubt intoxicated by a large dosage of media nonsense, it just pisses me off.

I am now offering free cluepons to those people who have been brainwashed by the Western media! Come one, come all!

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