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Jungle de Ikou is a Japanese anime series, which was released as an OVA in three episodes. The series, created by Yuji Moriyama of Project A-KO fame, is a slightly ecchi comedic effort without much plot, but loads of fan-service.

The plot can be summed up quickly: Natsumi's father, an archaeologist, brings back a relic from his latest expedition. Because of it, she has a dream in which she mets Ahem (an old, horny god), who teaches her the super sexy dance of power, that can transform her into the top-heavy fertility goddess Mii, in order for her to be able to defeat Ongo, the god of destruction. Rest assured that the super sexy dance of power contains a lot of jiggling.

Now add a couple of panty shots and some comedy to the mix (while remembering that many japanese think big breasts are hilarious), and you have described Jungle de Ikou in its totality. The artwork is quite nice, and the music is catchy, too, but all things considered, I'd suggest you should rather save the money for something better. It has some really good and funny scenes, but these can't save the series. OTOH, if you are looking for just some really brainless entertainment that lasts about 1,5 hours, you might want to scour the bargain bins.

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