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JUPITER FOR SARAH is a Rock 'n Roll band based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Seeing as how Green Bay has little to no music scene, they have been struggling to stay together amidst the pulls of college life, girlfriends, and corporate toolism. However, after ousting their old drummer and signing a new one, they are well on their way to Rock and Roll stardom.

Jupiter for Sarah has released one full length album (Waking Up on Your Own) and one three-song EP (Bottled Up EP), and is currently working on fundraising for the next project up their sleeve, another full-length album tenatively titled 1000 Years of Rain.

Ben Olson-Lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Tony Warpinski-Lead Guitar, train whistle, oscilloscope
Joe Kane-Electric Bass, International Sex Symbol
Justin Baker-ambient noise, rhythm guitar
and the most recent addition to the JFS squad...
Larry "Bo-Berry" Walton-Drums, Percussion, Beatbox

For a tasty snack of our music, go to
www.mp3.com/jupiter_for_sarah or
and find out that we are not a hack job garage band (at least, not anymore)


Waking up on Your Own
1.) Dream #9
2.) On and On
3.) Whitherspoon
4.) Hold On
5.) Sarah
6.) Wave Goodbye
7.) Candlelight
8.) Easy
9.) Wasting
10.) Trust Yourself

Bottled Up EP
1.) Bottled Up
2.) 1000 Years of Rain
3.) 45

A Brief History of Us

The members of Jupiter for Sarah, with the exception of Larry Walton, have known each other for over 10 years, and have been playing music together for 5-6 years. They first started playing music together in Ben's basement many years ago. They honed their skills playing for their church's youth group until they felt confidant enough to form a hack job garage band. Similar to JFS in make-up, this band had Ben on drums and a guy named Adrian on vocals. This band was known first by the name Gothic Waffle, then Atomic Bob, then Cork, and finally, Episode 13. After winning a few local battle-of-the-bands and such, they quickly made an album before Adrian left for school (and I have not seen or heard from him since). After the loss of our singer, Ben stepped up to the post with a few songs he had written, and we brought in a drummer Ben knew from high school-A.J. Dudek. Tony had left to pursue other pastures, and Justin was no where to be found, so we nabbed another Southwest High School student-Johnny C-to play guitar and we called ourselves Third Hour (because that is when Ben, AJ, and Johnny C had class together). We made unjustifiably large amounts of money to play graduation parties for a summer before we kicked Johnny C out in favor of Tony. This is when we picked the name Jupiter for Sarah. We wrote songs and played shows, refined our sound, and then made an album, Waking Up on Your Own. After this, I and AJ went off to college at UW-Eau Claire and UW-Milwaukee respectively. The band played a few times throughout the school year, and managed to record a three song demo on our megar savings. After the second year of college, the band issued an ultimatum-Either AJ and I were in the band, or we were out. I stayed, AJ left. We found a hand-drummer that was suited for acoustic shows, and proceded to initiate Mr. Larry Walton into our little circle, and we have found him to be a more then competant student. We are currently ironing out the last few bugs in our show, and will soon explode onto the music scene with a passion and fervor that has no match.

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