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"Just Add Monsters" is a video game development company based out of Cambridge, UK. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Argonaut Games. The company is most famous for the Xbox title Kung Fu Chaos, which appears to be, as of yet, their only official title.

The company was founded by three people: Mike Ball, Nina Christensen, and Tameem Antoniades. The three have notable experience in the video game field, having been involved with the development of fifteen gaming titles on eight different platforms. Mike, Nina, and Tameem resigned from Sony Computer Entertainment to found the company, and while with Sony they were involved in the development of MediEvil, MediEvil 2, and Frogger.

Their mission statement from their website is as follows:

'Just Add Monsters is committed to creating the best games for the social gaming masses. What is ‘social gaming’? Social gaming is about fun, excitement and competition between friends and family. It can extend beyond the living room, over the Internet, across platforms and across continents. It is about cool, fun, state-of-the-art games that everyone can get into and play together. Social gaming is gameplay for the masses!'

The company has apparently just moved to a different office, although they are still located in Cambridge. Their given reasons for the move show that their sense of humor goes beyond their games.

'When Director Nina Kristensen, was asked why this astonishing turn of events took place she replied, “It’s a lot bigger”. “It’s also closer to a pub”, added Mike Ball, Technical Director, before leaving for the pub. So there you have it…'



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