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A little experiment I wanted try, call it free form verse or stream of consciousness but the words came tumbling out almost as fast as I could type them.
Just Another Night On The Town A turn of the phrase was all that was needed
and he searched his brain in vain for just the right one.
He knew it would be the one to make her sit up and take notice
Because up to now she had played the role of the ice queen to perfection. The air that surrounded her seemed aloof and all misty and fog like
And the way she stared off into the distance seemingly in a trance
Caused little beads of sweat to form on his brow and in the palms of his hands
And his tongue felt thick and dry like an old piece of leather that was left out in the sun To fortify himself he called for yet another cool beverage from the bartender
And he gulped it down with a thirst worthy of a man stranded somewhere in the desert
And he kept looking at her from the corner of his eye and the in flash of the mirror
Hoping that maybe she would turn his way and offer up a nod or a smile But all he got was the back of her head and a toss of her hair every now and then
So he made excuses for himself to head to the bathroom and to take a piss he didn’t need
He’d have to cross in front of her then and he was sure that eye contact would be certain
After that it would be all downhill and they’d act like they’d known each other forever So he made his way to the bathroom to take his fake piss but it wasn’t fake it all
And the few drops that remained dribbled down his leg and stained his pants
A little visible reminder of where he had just come from and what’d he’d just done
But he thought it was dark enough so that nobody would notice and he made his way out He gave her a glance as he passed her way and she smiled and he figured he was in
So he sat down next to her on a stool or two away and waited for just the right moment
To say the right words that he’d been struggling for and spring the trap that would win her heart
She turned slowly in her stool and their eyes soon met but hers glanced downward out of either instinct or curiosity She saw the wet spot that decorated his groin and her eyes went from curiosity to disgust
And before he could even try and explain he knew his battle had been lost for the night
He called to the bartender to pay up his tab so he could go home with maybe a shred of dignity left
But before he knew it the laughter and the pointing had started and any semblance of honor was now gone He managed to pay and burst out the door and the air felt cool and clean against his face
And as he fumbled for his car keys he noticed how nice it felt to be outdoors
He drove away with the radio on and was home before he knew it and now he was bored
He looked into his closet and saw some clean pants draped over a hangar, black this time.

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