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The second level of Justice of the Peace in Queensland, the duties of a Justice of the Peace (Qualified) (Abbreviated to JP(Qual)) are between those of a Commissioner for Declarations and a Justice of the Peace (Magistrates Court).

The main role of a JP(Qual) is to witness signatures. They are trusted to act responsibly, and expected to have some understanding of the documents bought before them.

A JP(Qual) has 5 broad duties:

Documents can be witnessed anywhere in the world, if they pertain to Queensland, and anywhere in the country, if they pertain to a matter of the Australian Commonwealth.

JP(Qual)'s are asked to be available at all times to carry out their duties, as they may be contacted by members of the public any time day or night. A central registrar is kept with their contact details, available to all members of the public.

A JP(Qual) is expected to be of good character and behaviour at all times. They can't recieve any gift or payment for their services, nor use any information they come into contact with for their own, or anyone elses gain. Info should be kept confidential, unless called upon in a court of law. It is also expected that they will only sign a document if and when it is correctly presented, and authorised by an Act of Law. The office carries a burden of reponsibility, and an element of pride and respect, with the satisfaction of helping the community. Those are the only reward allowed, and I personally think they're Reward Enough.

Information taken from "The Duties of Justices of the Peace(Qualified)", Copyright 2001 by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, Queensland Source available at http://www.justice.qld.gov.au

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