I broke up with my boyfriend of three years, who'd been cheating on me. I lost my job with EDS. I was having a nervous breakdown, and Lee was spending every weekend in Cincinnati with the underwear model. Every once in a while, we'd get together for dinner or a couple drinks, but there was a void between us. I was spending my free time drunk on Stoli, and working as a waitress in a steakhouse while I prepared to go to Arizona. Somehow, Lee and I started to drift together again, as we always did. I was shipwrecked and all fucked up, and she was doing fine. We hung out and partied, and our mutual friend Matthew joined in.

One weekend, the underwear model, David, came up from Cincinnati. The four of us went out to the bar, and played pool while Lee and I bantered back and forth about Pokemon, which was brand spanking new to us then. Lee was talking about Psyduck, and I kept calling it Salsa Duck. She was laughing and smiling, we were all having a good time. The night ended amicably, and we all went home. Matthew came over to crash on the couch, and told me that Lee was pregnant, and David was up this weekend to help her figure out what to do about it. He didn't know if he should tell me, but well, loose lips. I didn't know how to feel about it, and was hurt that Lee hadn't told me herself. I figured maybe she'd decided to spare me the drama since she knew that I was going through my own rough times. I brought it up to her a couple days later, and she was nonchalant about it. She was just going to have another abortion. David knew a great abortionist, and she was going to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, she noted with no sarcasm, she could enjoy her fuller breasts.

I was annoyed and sort of grossed out by the whole thing, and Matthew and I started making fun of the situation, because of her apparent heartless stance. We sang songs since she was drinking while pregnant: "If you keep the baby, it'll have ADD, if you keep the baby, it'll have balding..."

She went on to have the abortion with no fanfare, no tears, no second guessing herself. After it was over, she was aggravated that she lost a cup size. I was shocked and ashamed of her. But I kept my mouth shut, and offered no emotional support this time around... apparently none was needed.

Lee Stories

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