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THIS is the armpit of the world, not Peterborough. It is the tail of two nasty towns, Waterloo and Kitchener, Ontario that grew together to form the worst place I have ever been except Detroit.

Where do I start? There is so much to hate about the place. Waterloo, the northern part of KW Area is an industrial pit of despair. Housing the University of Waterloo which is a shit hole and sucks in every way shape and form except for the Engineering program. The path I take to get from where I am and the university has featured a stabbing and a rape in the last 8 months alone.

Then there it Kitchener, Ontario, the southern part. Check the node to read about it.

The KW Area has the most nonsensical street system. The streets are actually designed to go nowhere. There is not a single street that runs the length of the city. Most of them turn around in a big circle and vanish into obscurity in some suburban spawning pool.

The mentality of the place is bad too. The people there would just as soon beat you to death as say hello. Whenever I go outside here I always have a plan of attack to either flee or inflict horrible injury and then flee should anyone attack me.

This is a great place to never go.

Hehehe. This node made someone mad.

I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinions even when they are terribly misinformed or based on paranoia.

I moved to this area when I was six. I've spent most of my life here. I drive 65 miles home each night to be here. My wife and children spend all their time here and I wouldn't want it any other way.

The KW area is rich in culture, history and ethnic diversity. It is relatively safe and quiet by today's standards.

Our two universities (University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University) are know world wide and respected for their Computer Science, Engineering and Business programs.

Each year, this area is host to the world's second largest Oktoberfest.

The last time I checked, we have a much lower murder rate than Detroit. If people don't like the area, they should pack up their things and move to Detroit for all I care...

I must agree with pinky64 that this area sucks some serious cock. I'll add the following points.Waterloo has its few good sides, though: the Princess Cinema, vintage clothing stores, Jane Bond and Generation X.
Granted, the civil engineering of Kitchener-Waterloo (a.k.a. "the 'Loo") is enough to induce fear of 3-dimensional space in the mind of Picasso. From a map of the city, it looks like it was designed by M.C. Escher after he took the brown acid. However, it is a pretty fantastic city.

For one thing, two universities means hundreds of attractive twenty-somethings. Being a twenty-something myself (and going to the University of Waterloo) this is reason enough to love the place, but there's more.

If you really really dislike uptown Waterloo, the whole thing is being redesigned to look ultra-futuristic, and will be entirely revamped by about 2010 (or something like that). If you really really like uptown Waterloo, for the most part you're out of luck except that the park will be the same as well as most of the awesome houses between Caroline and Westmount and below Erb.

The city has a fabulous theatre life, with the Waterloo Stage Theatre, the KW Little Theatre, and several theatres in downtown Kitchener (whose names escape me). There's also a hilarious improv troupe (Theatre on the Edge) and a raging open mic night scene (every night except Saturday there is at least one bar/pub holding an open mic night).

Granted, you could find similar things at other major cities, and they would be great there too, but they're also great here.

Oh, and listen to 100.3FM every Thursday night from 2AM to 6AM if you agree or disagree with me.

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