Kamov Ka-27 "Helix"
The Ka-27 "Helix" is the primary multi-role helicopter for the Russian Navy. It operates off of ships and performs a multitude of duties including, but not limited to: anti-submarine warfare (its primary role), search and rescue, maritime patrol, anti-surface warfare and transport duties.

The Ka-27 was introduced into the Soviet Navy as a replacement for the aging Ka-25 "Hormone" in 1982. The Ka-27 was designed much to the same dimensions as the Ka-25, so that it could utilize the existing decks on Soviet warships designed for the Ka-25, but although the two have many design similarities, the Ka-27 is distinguishably longer than the Ka-27.

The first version of the Ka-25 to enter service was the Ka-25PL "Helix-A". The PL was designed strictly as an Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) platform. It can, however, participate in limited rescue and transport operations. For the ASW role, the Helix has a weapons bay under the fuselage that can accommodate torpedoes and other stores as well as sonobuoys, but as of yet, there are no accurate accounts of the weapons capabilities or the possible armament of the Ka-27PL.

The second version of the "Helix" to enter service was the Ka-29TB "Helix-B". This version is quite different than the -25PL in a number of ways, because the -27TB is an assault helicopter. It is designed to haul 16 fully armed troops from ship into combat in its spacious cabin. Instead of the weapons bay under the fuselage, there is a whole lot of armor plating. The rescue winch has been removed from above the left rear entrance, and all ASW capabilities have been lost in the conversion from the patrol and ASW role to the assault role.

The final version of the "Helix" to enter service was the Ka-27PS "Helix-D", which is essentially the same as the civil version, the Ka-32 "Helix-C". Both versions have no ASW capability, no rescue capability, and are bound strictly to the transport role.

NOTE: These specifications are taken from The Encyclopedia of Modern Warplanes.
In the interest of being correct, they have been Cross-referenced with Jane's All The World's Aircraft.

Power Plant:two 1660-kW Isotov TV3-117V turboshafts
Maximum Speed: 155 mph
Service Ceiling: 19,685 ft.
Maximum Range: 497 miles
Armament: Torpedoes and possibly depth charges

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