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A practitioner of the Kabbalah, who submerses (himself) in a wide range of subject matters in order to understand God, the Universe, and himself better.

There is no concise creed of the Kabbalist. According to the Hebraic Kabbalah, it is the Kabbalist's duty to bring God back to God, through acts of kindness and an awareness that encompasses every breath, every action.

The Kabbalist's central texts are the Zohar and the Sepher Yezirah, both of which are dense tomes that force the reader into deep, creative contemplations on the mysteries of Creation.

Though the Kabbalah has at its core a rigid and precise structure, the Kabbalist is encouraged to constantly look at things in a different manner, to glean essential truths from the most mundane incidences. For him, every moment is a sign from God to God.

Unity is participation.

See also: Alchemist, Mystic, Sufi, Yogi, Brahman, Magician

Note of worth: It has been said that a person is not encouraged to study the Kabbalah until they reach 40 years of age. (Part of) the reason this was put into place was to ensure that a man would not seclude himself from the community to attain God Consciousness on his own. Thus men were encouraged to marry, have children and build a career before they entrench themselves in the more mystical pursuits.

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