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Kadawa is a rather violent game similar to Tag played mostly young teenagers (especially Arsim). Kadawa can be played anywhere and is especially popular in jr. high school hallways and empty urban sports fields all over Israel.

Rules of Kadawa

  • The first rule of Kadawa: One player and only one player may be the ‘Kadawa’ at any given time.
  • The Kadawa must always hop on one foot unless in the designated ‘Kadawa circle’
  • Anybody stepping into the ‘Kadawa circle’ automaticly becomes the Kadawa.
  • If the Kadawa “tags” you, you become the Kadawa.

    Ok, now, here’s the kicker (No pun intended… you will see what I mean.)

    If the Kadawa steps on both feet while out of the Kadawa circle he (I have never seen a girl play this game) is fair game and everyone is allowed to kick, punch or slap him while he runs to safety in the Kadawa circle.

    Some basic non-Kadawa player tactics:

  • Standing near the Kadawa Circle when the Kadawa is far from it, so to threaten his return by turning yourself into the Kadawa
  • Running into the Kadawa circle and quickly tagging someone else. While trying to get someone who is far enough from the circle to be “fair game” for more than 3 seconds.
  • Running into the Kadawa Circle from behind the Kadawa making you the Kadawa and tagging (slightly pushing) the kadawa so he loses his balance and steps on both feet.
  • When being chased by the Kadawa: running and following a slower fellow player so that the Kadawa targets him instead

    Two tactics the Kadawa can use:

  • Suicide jumping onto another player making sure to be in the air when you touch him turning him into the Kadawa (It is considered bad form to tackle so you have to jump and tag)
  • When there is an unobstructed path to the Kadawa Circle instead of hopping, sprint to the circle before anyone can hit/kick/punch/beat you and use that speed and surprise to quickly go out hopping, hopefully into somebody on the other side who hasn’t caught on.

    There are no winners or losers in Kadawa but somehow I doubt that New Games' Movement hippies would approve.

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