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A Coffee shop in the wonderful city of Amsterdam

Downstairs is a bit pokey, and sparse, but does have a pinball machine. The middle section, where the entrance, the counter and stairs are, is a wild red colour, with painted dustbin lids, reminiscent of African Masks.

There is a large window in the middle section, with counter to sit at, looking out on the street, and the bookshops opposite. The whole window slides up and down, and on hot, still days it is refreshing to feel a cool breeze blowing by as you skin up. The whole atmosphere is relaxed, and as long as you do not go in at rush hour seating should not be a problem.

Seats in the middle section are bar stools, the upper section looks like nice comfy sofa's, but the downstairs area is more harsh, with just padded benches to sit on.

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