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Kaiyukan ("sea family house") is the name given to an aquarium in Osaka, Japan. It is a sight that no visitor of the city should miss, and can be reached by taking the Chuo subway line to Osaka-ko station, followed by a 5 minute walk.

The huge building (completed 1990) that houses the aquarium is easy to spot, being decorated with mosaics of fish all over. Visitors first pass through a glass tunnel surrounded by fish, then ascend to the top flooy by escalator and descend in spirals that take them past all the bassins. These bassins are themed by region, each containg one or more typical animals from that region, such as penguins, sea otters and dolphins. However, most impressive by far is the central bassin presenting the Pacific Ocean. It holds about 5,400 cubic meters of water, stretching three floors in height and over 30 meters across! Inside are the aquarium's most sensational inhabitants: two young whale sharks, together with many other large and small fish.

Another very interesting feature is the jellyfish room, which won a prize for its lighting design: the room is illuminated exclusively by hidden lamps whose light is directed at the jellyfish themselves, making them seem to glow - a breathtakingly beautiful sight.

The bassins of the aquarium are observable through plates of acryl glass 30 centimeters thick; the amount of acry glass used in the entire aquarium comprises 1.5 times the yearly world production.

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