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Kalarippayattu is an ancient martial art practiced in Kerala and adjoining places in India. It is composed of two of the 64 art forms of ancient India namely Vijaya and Vyayma. These translated to English mean the art of winning wars and the art of exercises.

It involves fast and furious movements of limbs and elaborate steps with the aim of vanquishing the enemy.
This art is practiced with the following kind of weapons :
1) VerumKayy or bare hands
2) Vall/Churika or Sword fight
3) Vadi/Vel or Long Sticks
4) Kathi or Daggers
5) Urumi or Long Flexible spring like sword (coiled around the waist when not in use)

Another important ingredient in Kalarippayattu is the MarmmaVidya which is an intimate knowledge of pressure points of the body which can be used to cause intense pain to the opponent or even kill instantly.

It has evolved into two distinct branches in the modern times i.e. the Vadakkan or the Northern style and the Thekkan or the Southern style. The Northern style concentrates on Ayudhapayattu or the fight with weapons while the Southern style concentrates more on VerumKayy and the MarmmaVidya

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