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German mathematician (1873-1916), was the first one to prove that bodies of sufficiently large mass would be completely invisible: a black hole.
Has one lunar crater named after him.
Schwarzschild, Karl (1873-1916)

Karl Schwarzschild published his first paper on orbits at the age of 16. In 1906 he derived the condition for an atmosphere to be stable against convection. The essence of the Schwarzschild instability criteria is that the atmosphere must decrease in entropy as you move outward. In 1914 he volunteered for military service, while on the Russian front he give the first exact solution of Einstein's general gravitational equations, giving an understanding of the geometry of space near a point mass. He also made the first study of black holes showing that bodies of sufficiently large mass would have an escape velocity exceeding the speed of light and so could not be seen.

He died of an aliment caught at the Russian front. He is the father of Martin Schwarzschild

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