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Katrina & The Waves – British band

Playing a sort of Bangles-like music, Katrina & The Waves produced catchy guitar pop in the 1980's. The group consisted of the following musicians:

The key members were dynamic lead singer Katrina Leskanich, born in Kansas, and guitarist Kimberley Rew who also wrote remarkable songs like Goin' Down To Liverpool and their smash hit Walking On Sunshine (1985). After the mid eighties, the band went pretty much down commercially because of musical experiments (they tried soul for instance), and an apparent writer's block by Rew, who suddenly contributed much fewer songs than before.

Katrina & The Waves had a short spell of renewed success with 1989's rather commercial Break Of Hearts. Single That's The Way reached the British top 20.

Thanks to the Eurovision Song Contest, Katrina & The Waves got back on track in 1997. They won by surprise with Love Shine a Light. The single reached number 3 in the UK. The group tried to commercialise their success by doing every gig they could get, but now seem to have reached station Oblivion again.


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