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The daughter of the great magician Gigelf Liqueur, she is a member of the AMP in Kia Asamiya's extremely sucessful manga and anime series Silent Mobius. Katsumi is also the girlfriend of another Police officer form outside AMP, Robert DeVice, or Roy as he likes to be called.

During her time at AMP she learns that her father was responsible for letting the Lucifer Hawks into her world. She fights with the magical sword Grospoliner and is a capable sorceress herself. As the series progresses she learns that she is targetted by the Hawks, as she can supposedly open the gateway between Earth and the Hawk's dimension. She also begins to unlock the awesome powers locked inside her body. Indeed she soon surpasses her father's abilities, no doubt helped by the mystical powers of her mother, Fuyaka.

Katsumi is often worried about the huge powers she controls. At first it makes it difficult for her to integrate successfully into AMP. She also learns that she is part Lucifer Hawk. Though her demon blood is distant, she worries that it will resurface and cause her to inflict harm on her friends. The only exception to this is her friends in the AMP - even then she still wants to shield them from harm. At one point it causes great strain on her relationship with Roy, as she is hesitant about getting too close to him, potentially making him a target (which inevitably happens). She has a great millstone around her neck from what her father did in Project Gaia. As she feels responsible for his failed attempt to close the gateway between Earth and Nemisis, from time to time Katsumi wants to fight alone.


When Roy dies halfway through the series, Katsumi is overwhelmed with grief and her demonic blood awakens, causing the destruction of her apartment and the surrounding area. She leaves AMP and disappears for a while. It is then that she is possessed by the demon sword Medium and fights for Ganossa. However Kiddy frees Katsumi from Medium's control by letting Katsumi kill her (though she just survives, thanks to her cybernetic body). Katsumi then decides to rejoin AMP after getting support from her ex-colleagues and friends, especially when she realises she is pregnant by Roy - a part of him is living on inside of her.

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