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    Khazid'hea was formerly the magical sword of Dantrag Baenre, firstboy, and weapons master of House BaenreDrizzt Do'Urden was drawn into battle with this drow when escaping Menzoberanzan with Cattie-brie and Artemis Entreri, and, of course, ended up defeating him.  Drizzit Do'Urden took Dantrag Baenre magical bracers of speed, and ended up using them on his ankles, as he found that when worn on his arms, the additional speed interfered too much with his fighting style.

    Dantrag Baenre's magical sentinent sword, Khazid'hea, or Cutter, was claimed by Cattie-brie. The sword posseses an extreme level of intellegence, and fiercely desires to be held by the greatest fighter.  After Dantrag Baenre's demise, Khazid'hea modified his hilt from the image of a demon, to that of a unicorn, the symbol of Melecki, Drizzit's patron goddess.  Drizzit, favoring scimitars, gave the weapon to Cattie-brie. The sword is extremely sharp, cutting through solid stone as if it were butter, hence the nickname Cutter.

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