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When I was ten, for a little while, I would carry
a palm-sized glow in the dark heart to bed with me.
Admiring the light underneath the covers,
it gave me a feeling of comfort I still remember.

Fear, in high doses, can be powerful enough to alter one's
relationship with the world.
It can usurp our better natures far too often.
We tend to fear what we don't understand,
and we understand so little.
Fear separates brothers and sisters,
fuels war, stagnates growth.
Fear builds walls, cutting off love.

You give what you can offer,
but fear can choke that through line-
can even disconnect a human from life.

Keep hold of the heart
that can glow in the dark;
whatever yours may be.
It's the universe's light signaling
the nearness of hope, peace, grace.

Home is not far away.

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