Keith Godchaux (b.Jul 14, 1948, San Francisco - d.Jul 23, 1980, Marin County, CA)

Keith replaced Ron McKernan (Pig Pen) in the Grateful Dead, after he died in 1973. Keith played keyboards, (mostly piano) and first rehearsed with the GD on September 28, 29, 30 & October 1, 1971. His first recorded appearence was on Europe '72.
Keith stayed in the band until 1979, and in 1975 he released an album with his wife Donna Jean Godchaux on The Dead's Round Records label.
Keith also performed with the Jerry Garcia Band.
Keith Godchaux was killed in a car accident in 1980, shortly after being asked to leave the Dead.
He was replaced by Brent Mydland in 1979.

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