In the twilight, in the moonlight, I saw you there, with your head bowed, dreaming of a beauty I could never fathom. And I dreamed of you too, framed by God's own geometry, spelling out a timeless message with a thousand distant stars. The unknownable will of fate put you on this pedestal which I may only admire. Those who have never known the depths of sorrow have never know the peaks of ecstacy and all I know is that I have you to thank for the wonderful melancholy which envelopes my soul. You could never stop; you don't know how. Make me complete by making me feel empty. Define me by excluding me. Throw me away, for I am yours to refuse. I know you and I love you because you do not know me. Together we will redefine the night sky, we will plot a new course across that bruised blue.

But you don't know, it's not so far away for you. Everywhere you go, horns play at your feet. Where your tears fall, flowers bloom.

Bow your head. Ignore me; rely on the silent cosmology to tell you what I need you to hear.

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