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Kemal and Rob Data are two DJs who used to produce drum and bass music. They are also known with the collective name Konflict. Between 1999 and 2002 they released many tracks, and some of them are rated very highly in the drum and bass music scene. They recorded their music as Konflict from 1999 to 2000.

Originally from Glasgow, United Kingdom, they released their tracks on labels such as Renegade Hardware (under the name Konflict), Outbreak, Moving Shadow, Underfire, Audio Blueprint and their own Negative Recordings.

After the great success, and because of rumors of financial displeasure surrounding their 2000 release, "Messiah", Kemal and Rob Data left the Renegade Hardware label and abandoned the name Konflict, choosing to use their individual names.

Kemal also produced works and tracks with other drum and bass artists, such as Dom and Roland, Sinthetix (Rob F and Impulse), Technical Itch, Paul Reset, Black Sun Empire and Dresden Codex. Rob Data only worked with Kemal, and in 2002 he decided to stop DJing and producing music.

After Negative Recordings closed in 2001, Kemal created a new label, Cryptic Audio, which released four products in three years. He chose to use the moniker "Paranoid User" for two of his Cryptic Audio releases. In 2004, Kemal went back to his studies, DJing only occasionally. During that year he produced a track, "Stranded", with Black Sun Empire.

During the same year, he joined the scottish musical act Nomadiqa, a project with Max McLeod and Valeria Carboni, to produce downtempo, ethnic, arabesque, and world music with them, releasing the album Sans Frontieres in 2007, produced in his Cryptic Audio recording studio.

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